How To Choose A Shade Of Color

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How To Choose A Shade Of Color
How To Choose A Shade Of Color

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In addition to the fact that the human eye is able to distinguish more than 6 million shades of colors, each of us has our own color preferences. However, few fans of, for example, turquoise color know that it is a combination of two, or rather, three colors. In nature, there are only three basic colors - red, blue and yellow. When they are mixed, secondary colors are formed. Mixing blue with yellow, we get green, red with blue - purple, yellow with red - orange.

How to choose a shade of color
How to choose a shade of color


Step 1

For the correct selection of shades, several methods are used. Create a monochromatic outline. For this, white and gray colors are added to the selected color in various quantities. This adjusts the lightness and color saturation. Accordingly, by adding black to the selected color, you get a darker, less chromatic shade of the base color.

Step 2

Apply similar colors. For this, the main color wheel is used, in which a certain color is selected, and in addition to it, a neighboring color, related in shade, is selected. So yellow, for example, can be complemented by orange or green.

Step 3

For the correct selection of shades, use a contrasting (complementary) scheme. On the color wheel, match colors on opposite sides. They emphasize and highlight each other's shades, playing in contrast. When choosing three color shades, they should be selected at the vertices of an isosceles triangle inscribed in the color wheel. Such combinations are usually chosen for interior decoration.

Step 4

Use the classic selection of black, white and gray shades - the so-called achromatic colors. They are good because all the colors of the spectrum are ideally combined with them.

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