How Oil Is Used

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How Oil Is Used
How Oil Is Used

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When people start to wonder how much is made from oil, they are amazed at the vastness of the spectrum of applications of this oily substance. It would seem that he poured gasoline into the tank of a car, bought motor oil - this is what limits the scope of its use. Many everyday items - lipstick, nylon stockings, and even an aspirin pill - are made from oil.

From oil to aspirin and lipstick
From oil to aspirin and lipstick


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Oil is just an organic substance, which is a host of molecules, changing the structure of which, you can get an object with completely different characteristics. As diamonds are made from graphite under the influence of high temperatures and pressure, the raw material for fuel is also the basis for the production of cosmetics, household items, clothing and even food. Chewing gum is no longer made from natural resins - this can only be found in pharmacies. Its main component is petroleum polymers. It is in vain that people who consume gum and throw it out on the street believe that any food will gradually dissolve. Chewing gum is not a regular food and can sit on the ground as a tight lump for years.

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Do not be afraid that paraffin and other lipstick components are derived from oil, because they have replaced the harmful components that were once present in this women's accessory. Eyeshadows, correcting pencils for eyes and lips, nail polish - all these cosmetics contain a particle of a natural substance. And housewives cannot imagine their life without one more product - plastic, because the bodies of household appliances are made of it, and plastic bags help to carry heavy purchases from the store.

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A complex chain of chemical transformations makes it possible to obtain even aspirin - an unsurpassed remedy for headaches and other types of pain, as well as a number of salicylic acids that are part of anti-tuberculosis and antibacterial drugs. In the fight against microorganisms, aniline, released from nitrobenzene, helped to make a step forward. Diseases can be treated not only from the inside, but also from the outside - for this, doctors use prostheses made of medical plastic.

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Women who study clothing labels have noticed that many things contain polyester, and some are 100% made of this synthetic material. Outwardly, it is similar to viscose and therefore is well suited for sewing dresses and blouses, as well as lining for jackets. Polyester clothing does not wrinkle and is as durable as nylon tights. Petroleum products are in abundance in the kitchen in the form of plastic dishes and furniture, in the nursery - as dolls, toy dolls, cubes and other toys. We cannot talk about their harmfulness or allergy, because absolutely all food that lies on store shelves is packed with polyethylene, and some drugs with the inclusion of oil derivatives successfully help get rid of allergies.

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