What Cases Does The CTP Insure Against?

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What Cases Does The CTP Insure Against?
What Cases Does The CTP Insure Against?

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The current legislation of the Russian Federation provides for compulsory motor third party liability insurance (abbreviated - OSAGO), that is, every law-abiding driver is obliged to insure his liability by issuing an insurance policy for this. Nevertheless, OSAGO does not include all insurance claims.

What cases does the CTP insure against?
What cases does the CTP insure against?

General rules

First of all, it must be remembered that an insurance case is recognized as a case in which the owner of the CTP policy as a result of a traffic accident caused damage to the property, health or life of another person. That is, by purchasing an OSAGO policy, the driver insures not the car, but himself, and the main condition for paying insurance premiums is the presence of the insured person's fault. Roughly speaking, if you are not to blame for the accident, but the other party, then the insurance company of this party should carry out the insurance payments.

Causing damage to property of another person

The most common insured event is damage to the property of another person (that is, a car) as a result of an accident. If there is a road traffic accident, the victim must contact the insurance company of the culprit. As a result of his appeal, an examination will be carried out, which will establish the actual value of the damaged parts or the amount of expenses necessary to restore them and bring the car to the state in which it was before the accident. Also reimbursed are the costs incurred by the injured party in connection with the accident (for example, the cost of calling a tow truck). It should be noted that the current legislation establishes the following maximum amounts of insurance compensation: for compensation for damage caused to the property of several persons - no more than 160 thousand rubles, and for compensation for damage caused to the property of one person - no more than 120 thousand rubles. Damage and expenses that are not covered by the above amount are subject to compensation by those guilty of causing damage on their own.

Harm to health

Often in the course of an accident, harm to the health of the victim is caused. In this case, the insurance company of the culprit will be obliged to reimburse the victim for the last lost earnings (income), costs incurred by the victim in connection with damage to health (for example, the cost of drugs, operations, spa treatment and even retraining for another profession in connection with deterioration of health). All of the above costs must be proven by the injured party. In addition, the victim will have to prove that he is not entitled to receive paid drugs / services, etc. free of charge. At the same time, the amount that the insurance company will pay cannot exceed 160 thousand rubles for each victim in need of treatment.

Harming life

Unfortunately, fatal accidents are not uncommon. In the event of such an insured event, the culprit's insurance company will be obliged to pay up to 135 thousand rubles to people entitled to compensation for harm in the event of the death of the breadwinner (most often, these are close relatives). In addition, the insurance company is obliged to reimburse the costs of the funeral of the deceased, but the amount should not exceed 25 thousand rubles.

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