How To Sell A Plane

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How To Sell A Plane
How To Sell A Plane

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At one point, for whatever reason, the owner of a private jet begins to think about selling it. The complexity and duration of the aircraft implementation process directly depends on its cost. And one cannot do without special theoretical training in this matter.

How to sell a plane
How to sell a plane


Step 1

First of all, make a decision about the market in which you will present the aircraft for sale. It can be an open or closed market. The term “closed market” means that you will offer to buy an aircraft to a limited number of interested persons - relatives, acquaintances, friends, business partners, etc. In this case, the fact of the sale will not be widely publicized. For many, hiding the name of the owner or company and the very fact of owning the aircraft is an essential point of implementation. On the other hand, a closed market often makes it impossible to sell an aircraft quickly and / or at real market value. Selling on the open market means offering it to the widest possible audience. The chance to sell faster and more expensive increases.

Step 2

Decide whether you will sell the aircraft yourself or seek help from specialists - dealers, brokers and other professional intermediaries. Sell ​​the plane on your own only if you have serious experience in this, as well as if you have enough free time and patience. Practice shows that in most cases, private jet owners choose intermediaries who are knowledgeable and professional in their field.

Step 3

Please note that a dealer and a broker are not the same thing. The dealer will buy an aircraft from you for the purpose of reselling it. At the same time, he immediately transfers the agreed amount to the former owner and assumes the costs of owning the device during the entire period of its resale. Naturally, the dealer's commission will be significantly higher than that of the broker. Therefore, contact your dealer when you need to quickly get rid of the costs of the plane, because it can take many months before it is sold to the final buyer. It also saves you the risk of a bad trade. That is, when there is no buyer for the ship at the proposed price and it will have to be reduced.

Step 4

If the option of selling through a dealer does not suit you, choose a broker. The broker in the aviation market acts as a consultant and partner for the aircraft seller. The costs of maintaining the aircraft are borne by its owner until the moment of its direct transfer to the new owner. Choosing a broker is recommended if you are interested in selling the aircraft at the maximum price. The broker will also be interested in this, since his commission depends on the selling value.

Step 5

Take care of the promptness of providing a potential buyer with any information and technical documentation regarding the aircraft. At the stage of technical expertise, on the contrary, hide the flaws that will give rise to a price reduction.

Step 6

Take an interest in the situation in the secondary market. Now, after the crisis, when the country's economy begins to slowly pick up, the market situation is leveled in favor of the seller. Prices are rising, including for used models. It is difficult to find frequently purchased planes on sale. The queues for the supply of new aircraft are growing.

Step 7

When setting the price for your aircraft, consider, first of all, its age and class. The age of the aircraft is determined by the year of manufacture, flying time, number of landings and engine starts. The class is determined by flight performance, type, operating conditions.In addition, the price is influenced by the competitiveness of the aircraft, the statistics of incidents during operation, the relative value of operating and operating costs, the availability of upgrades and updates of the cabin and avionics in accordance with modern standards, and the frequency of owner changes.

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