How To Return A Grocery Item

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How To Return A Grocery Item
How To Return A Grocery Item

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We often think about how to return a particular product. To solve this problem, it is necessary to clearly separate the group of food and non-food products. Your further actions largely depend on this.

How to return a grocery item
How to return a grocery item


Step 1

Remember that the food group of goods includes products of biosynthetic, mineral, vegetable or animal origin, intended for human consumption, both processed and fresh.

Step 2

According to the existing legislation, you will not be able to return a food product of proper quality, as this requirement would be illegal. However, in many supermarkets and grocery stores, the administration often makes concessions to the buyer. If you made a rash purchase, try asking the cashier to return the item by presenting the appropriate receipt. Of course, the chances in this situation to return the money spent will be much greater if you have not left the checkout yet. Remember: the administration of the store is not obliged to accept the purchased food product of proper quality from you.

Step 3

If the purchased food product turned out to be of inadequate quality, you have the right to return it and demand the money spent. You can also count on a commensurate reduction in the purchase price or a replacement product if you find any flaws in the product. This agreement is spelled out in the adopted legislation.

Step 4

Please note that when returning a food product of inadequate quality, the seller does not have the right to withhold the amount if the value of the product has decreased since the moment of purchase. This rule applies even if the product is unmarketable or has been partially used.

Step 5

To return an inadequate grocery item, provide the store employee with a receipt confirming the purchase. If necessary, write a statement. Point out the shortcomings of the purchased product and ask for a refund. The administration is obliged to make a refund within 10 days. If the purchase receipt has not been preserved, you can use the testimony.

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