What Is Poker Face

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What Is Poker Face
What Is Poker Face

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Publics of social networks on the world wide web are full of various interesting drawings, which have gained unexpected popularity and are called "Internet meme". Uncomplicated images of a man showing his emotions, for example, face palm (covers his face with his hands, means shame), forever alone (constant loneliness), and poker face are now often replaced by emoticons.

What is poker face
What is poker face

Poker face: a little history

The term was coined, as the name suggests, by poker players. Initially, it meant the stone, impassive face of the player. The same was the name of the trick when a poker participant bluffed - rejoiced at bad cards or pretended to be agitated in a good deal. A double bluff, when others think that a player is bluffing, but he is actually happy with a positive hand and worries about a bad set of cards, is also referred to as a poker face.

This technique helps the players with bad cards lose as little money as possible, and the lucky ones get a big jackpot. In order for the poker face to look more convincing, its participants need to constantly improve the technique of playing the game. There are several ways they use it.

First, you don't have to think about maps. The less a player is worried about his alignment, the more calm his face will be. Secondly, you should behave as usual. If a funny person in life during the game becomes serious, this suggests that he is in a bad state of affairs.

Poker face: internet meme

Poker face on the World Wide Web has acquired a broader meaning than in the game of poker, while the general meaning of this expression remains the same. The picture depicts an indifferent face, which should hide all emotions, be it shame, sadness or joy. It is sometimes referred to as a "brick face". Usually such a meme is at the end of a mini-comic consisting of four pictures.

According to one of the versions, for the first time the poker face image appeared on the 4chan English-language image board. Then an alternative version of it appeared, which is also widely used. The idea behind the poker face comic is that an unusual situation happens to the little man, and he reacts to it with a stony expression on his face.

This meme gained additional popularity thanks to the song of the famous American pop diva Lady Gaga, which is called Poker face. The shocking singer herself has nothing to do with the famous face, but her performance increases her rating.

Spreading internet memes

In Russia, one of the main Internet pages for spreading mugs and other memes is the Vkontakte social network. But this is not the only location for such pictures, they are often born on forums and image boards, and only after that they become massively popular.

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