How To Choose A Bowling Ball

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How To Choose A Bowling Ball
How To Choose A Bowling Ball

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Bowling is a pleasant pastime and a popular hobby that combines sports and gambling. If you decide to learn how to play bowling, you should know that choosing the right bowling ball is very important for successful training and successful results.

How to choose a bowling ball
How to choose a bowling ball


Step 1

The surface of the ball has a great influence on the results of the game. Today bowling balls are made in different sizes and with different weights, which should not exceed 7, 264 kg.

Step 2

When choosing a ball, make sure that its diameter is the same in all axes, and that the surface of the ball is smooth and free of cracks, chips or defects. The only bumps on the ball are the three finger holes. The weight of the ball should be one-tenth of your weight, so it will be easier for you to control it.

Step 3

Take the ball and extend your hand forward. You can easily hold a ball of suitable weight for more than five seconds without muscle pain. If you have never played bowling before, seek the advice of a specialist on the lane to help you find the right ball with the right size for your finger holes.

Step 4

The ball should be of such a weight that it does not cause you physical discomfort while playing, but it should be heavy enough to exert more impact on the pins.

Step 5

While swinging and guiding the ball onto the track, try to maintain its speed by not braking the ball at the beginning of the track, and also keep your wrist stiff.

Step 6

If you want to seriously engage in bowling, get your own ball, which will be individually adjusted to your hand - in this case, you will not have to get used to the new balls that bowling clubs provide players every time.

Step 7

It is undesirable for novice players to purchase balls that twist strongly in the throw - this will complicate hitting corner targets. As you gain experience, you can try your hand at throwing with reactive rubber coated balls instead of plastic.

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