How To Calculate Shipping Costs

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How To Calculate Shipping Costs
How To Calculate Shipping Costs

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The company pays tax for the profit received. Transportation costs are deducted from the tax amount, therefore, in order not to be at a loss, all costs must be carefully calculated and documented.

How to calculate shipping costs
How to calculate shipping costs


documents confirming transportation costs


Step 1

In accordance with the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, all enterprises have the opportunity to independently decide how to take into account transport costs. There are three options. The first is to classify expenses as indirect costs and write off the entire amount at one time, the second option is to include expenses in the cost of the goods, and the third option is to consider expenses as direct and write them off from profit.

Step 2

Determine direct transport costs associated with the presence of unrealized goods in the warehouse according to the average percentage and transfer the balance of expenses to the next tax accounting period. To do this, determine the amount of direct expenses at the beginning of the billing period, subtract it from the expenses at the end of the billing period.

Step 3

You can write off only if you document the transport costs. If the cost of transport services is included in the cost of the goods, please indicate the transport costs in a separate line.

Step 4

Keep all waybills of the unified form No. 4-P and No. 4-C, pin receipts to each of them confirming the costs of fuel and lubricants. At the end of the billing period, add up all the costs, add the costs of transport, drawn up in the service agreement. Subtract the result from the profit of the enterprise.

Step 5

If you do not immediately submit supporting documents of your expenses to the territorial office of the Federal Tax Service, you will be charged VAT on the general base, excluding expenses. Subsequently, you will have to issue a refund of the overpaid amounts or transfer them to the next tax billing period.

Step 6

If you lose the documents confirming transportation costs, you will not be able to prove them, so the tax will be charged on the entire amount without taking into account the company's profits and expenses.

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