How To Fill Out The Collation Sheet

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How To Fill Out The Collation Sheet
How To Fill Out The Collation Sheet

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A collating statement is necessary in order to reflect the results of the inventory, namely the deviation of data from accounting. This document has a unified form - INV-18, the OKUD code of which is 0317016.

How to fill out the collation sheet
How to fill out the collation sheet


  • - collation sheet (form No. INV-18);
  • - inventory cards;
  • - technical passports of objects.


Step 1

The collation sheet consists of a tabular section and a header. Fill out the form header first. Write the name of the organization, it should be the same as in the constituent documents, it is desirable to indicate it in full, for example, Limited Liability Company "Vostok". If you are carrying out an inventory in a structural unit, then specify it on the line below, for example, a transport unit.

Step 2

Next, indicate the basis for the inventory, it can be an order, and a resolution, or an order of the head. Do not forget to write down the number and date of this administrative document.

Step 3

After that, fill in the small table on the right. In it, indicate the activities, the serial number and date of this statement, as well as the period of the inventory.

Step 4

Below in the title of the document you will see spaces in which you need to enter the following data: the end date of the inventory and the persons responsible for the safety of the inventory values.

Step 5

After that, proceed to filling out the tabular section. Indicate the serial number, name and brief description of the object according to inventory cards and technical passports. In the event that the property is rented, then fill in column 3.

Step 6

In column 4, write the year of issue of this object. Columns 5, 6 and 7 fill in according to the accompanying documents, for example, according to the certificate of registration of this property.

Step 7

Then proceed to filling in the inventory results. If surpluses have been identified, then indicate them in columns 8, 9, and if shortages - in 10, 11. Below, summarize the total for the identified deviations.

Step 8

The collation sheet must be signed by the accountant and members of the inventory commission. Execute this document in two copies, one of which - transfer to the accounting department, and the second - leave it in the hands of the materially responsible person.

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