Feng Shui Wealth Zone

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Feng Shui Wealth Zone
Feng Shui Wealth Zone

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Feng Shui pays a lot of attention to wealth issues. With the right design of the appropriate area and getting rid of sources of leakage of financial well-being, you can attract wealth to your home. However, pay attention to the fact that wealth in feng shui is not only material, but also spiritual, cultural and intellectual.

Feng Shui Wealth Zone
Feng Shui Wealth Zone

Wealth zone

The Feng Shui wealth zone is located in the southeast sector of the apartment. To activate this zone, it is necessary to decorate it in blue-green tones, put wooden furniture and live plants in it. The best flower in this case is a money tree, but it is not recommended to put cacti and other plants with thorns in this sector.

One of the powerful activators of the wealth zone is the decorative fountain. When purchasing this decor item, remember that everything is fine in moderation - the fountain must correspond to the size of the room, otherwise it will create disharmony. If you do not have the opportunity to put a fountain, get an image of a waterfall or flowing water. And again, remember about the sense of proportion - there should not be too much water in the picture, otherwise it will not bring wealth, but wash it away.

Another powerful activator of the wealth zone is the aquarium. In relation to this piece of furniture, the rules are more serious. You should also take into account its size - the aquarium should harmoniously fit into the room, and the types of its inhabitants - in fairy tales it is not for nothing that a goldfish is called a goldfish, not a piranha. Here you have to rely on your intuition and your feelings. Maintaining an aquarium to attract wealth must be very careful. Stagnation and blooming of water, the death of fish - all this can become a source of troubles and losses.

Money hidden in the wealth zone contributes to financial well-being. Place coins and bills in various secluded places - they will attract more serious funds into the house. Fill your area of ​​wealth with symbols of abundance. These can be figurines of a hottei, a three-toed toad, a half-dragon-half-turtle, a turtle with two turtles on its back.

Other premises on which wealth depends

The wealth of a Feng Shui home depends not only on the sector concerned, but also on the hallway through which it enters the home. A cramped, dark, cluttered hallway will scare away wealth, light and beautiful - will attract it into the house. Hang an image with symbols of wealth - fish, dragon, cherry blossoms, bamboo at the front door. The picture is best placed in a wooden frame. Place 3 five-ruble coins with the eagle facing up under the entrance mat. But what should not be done is to place a mirror opposite the front door - it will not let into the house not only wealth, but also many other things, including love and health.

Pay attention to those rooms of the apartment through which wealth "flows". First of all, it is a toilet and a bathroom. Repair any leaking taps, remove the trash can, put the lid on the toilet, throw away all the trash. Since these rooms are usually very cramped, hang mirrors to create the illusion of space.

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