How To Sell A Painting

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How To Sell A Painting
How To Sell A Painting

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Any artist dreams of receiving recognition for his creations. One of the forms of such recognition is the purchase of a painting. This is not only an opportunity to earn money, but also a powerful incentive for further creativity. How do you make sure that your paintings are sold regularly, and the income from them becomes stable?

How to sell a painting
How to sell a painting


Step 1

The most important question for an artist is who to offer his creations to? It's worth starting with specialized galleries. Your painting can be put on permanent display or included in a thematic exhibition. Agree on the terms of the sale with the gallery representatives. Sometimes the artist needs to pay for the exhibition before the exhibition starts, in other cases the gallery's percentage is deducted from the amount received for the painting.

Step 2

An interesting and promising implementation option is to exhibit paintings in a coffee shop, bar or other catering establishment. To do this, you must personally agree with the manager. The interest for the sale and other conditions are also discussed individually. The establishment can simply hang your canvases on the walls, or it can arrange a full-fledged presentation with information booklets, cocktails and press invitations.

Step 3

Another non-standard option is to discuss possible cooperation with interior design companies. Painting is becoming fashionable today, and if your picture is successfully fitted into the appropriate interior, a potential client will gladly pay for it all.

Step 4

And finally, personal online sale. Create your own website, register in popular social networks and thematic forums. This approach is convenient due to the presence of feedback - you can find out what price potential buyers are willing to pay for paintings, what subjects and painting techniques they are interested in. Besides, selling without intermediaries is more profitable for the artist.

Step 5

Whichever way of implementation you choose, be sure to consider a few important points. Do not expose canvases one by one - first form a coherent thematic collection. The buyer should have a choice. In addition, he may want to purchase two or three paintings at once, made in a similar technique.

Step 6

Print booklets featuring your paintings. Do not skimp on printing - in addition to bright high-quality booklets, you may need flyers, business cards, posters - everything that will be able to properly present your work.

Step 7

Determine the cost of your work. Keep in mind that most aspiring painters tend to overcharge. There is no need to try to recoup a whole year of creative stagnation by selling one canvas. Your creations cost exactly what you are willing to pay for them. Become a popular artist - then the prices for your paintings will rise automatically.

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