How To Sell Shoes

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How To Sell Shoes
How To Sell Shoes

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Sometimes situations arise when people commit rash acts. For example, they buy extravagant shoes that have nowhere and nothing to wear. Or they do not guess with the size of the shoes when buying in the online store. There is a way out of such situations, because the shoes can be sold!

How to sell shoes
How to sell shoes


  • - bank card to receive payment;
  • - registration in online auctions;
  • - registration in social networks and blog hosting.


Step 1

The first thing to do when selling an unsuitable pair of shoes is to call someone you know with the right size. It is likely that the potential shoe owner lives very close by and dreams of this particular pair. Call your friends, send a photo to the girls you know, post the photo on social networks with a comment about the reasons for the sale. There is a high probability that one of your virtual friends will be interested in the offer or recommend shoes to their acquaintances.

Step 2

You can also sell shoes through other social media and blog hosting sites. For example, LiveJournal has many communities specializing in selling unsuitable clothing and shoes. Use the search, find such communities, make a detailed description of the shoes and post a few photos. There will definitely be a buyer.

Step 3

There is another, very popular way of selling clothes, shoes or any other things. It's about online auctions. There are Russian auctions, there are popular all over the world (for example, eBay). Taking into account the fact that now receiving money through PayPal is available to Russian citizens, try selling shoes through auctions. But do not forget to calculate the shipping cost separately and inform your customers. To sell shoes through auctions, you just need to register there and enter your details.

Step 4

But how to get money if the buyer is virtual and located in another city or even country, you ask? Everything is easy and simple. You need to get a prepayment before sending your shoes to another city. Prepayment can be received on a bank card by sending the details to the buyer. You can use e-currency, but it is better to prefer another option, for example, send the parcel by cash on delivery, then the buyer will pay for the goods upon receipt.

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