How To Keep The Water In Your Kiddie Pool Clean

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How To Keep The Water In Your Kiddie Pool Clean
How To Keep The Water In Your Kiddie Pool Clean

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30,000 microorganisms - so many appear in the pool after half an hour of being in it for one person. Even if he is a human being - a child. These bacteria immediately begin to actively multiply. Therefore, the purity of the water in the children's pool must be monitored especially carefully.

How to keep the water in your kiddie pool clean
How to keep the water in your kiddie pool clean

Skin particles, dust, hair and other debris are what remains in the pool after bathing babies. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the pool is usually in the open air, which means that even a light breeze can cause a lot of microscopic dirt, which may be invisible outwardly, but no less dangerous. However, you can not be afraid of swimming in the pool, if you properly care for the water in it.

What to do for water purification

Most often, water is offered to be chlorinated. For this, free chlorine is used. True, it should be understood that its regular use will be required. The easiest way is to install a chlorine generator, which itself will work according to a certain scheme and dose the substance in the right proportions.

However, chlorination is not a panacea. he has a lot of shortcomings. For example, not all pathoorganisms are sensitive to chlorine - many of them live well and reproduce even in chlorinated water. In addition, chlorine is a poisonous substance that, when interacting with water, can form several hundred toxic compounds. Therefore, it is generally recommended not to use it for disinfection in indoor pools.

Alternatively, you can salt the water. This measure allows you to protect the pool from midges, mosquitoes. In addition, birds do not flock to such a pool. However, it should be borne in mind that quite a lot of substance is required - about 50 kg of salt per 10 tons of water. You will also need soda in addition. Plus, you need to understand that salt does not protect pool water from blooming. So in hot weather, you need to use other means.

Such a cleaning method as the use of an underwater vacuum cleaner is also widely used. With its help, you can easily and quickly clean the walls and bottom of the pool from dirt. If you use it regularly, the result will be very high quality. You can choose both a handheld vacuum cleaner and a robot.

There are various disinfectants for cleaning swimming pools. The form of their release can be very diverse. But the most popular are pills. This is due to the fact that they are as easy to use as possible, do not take up much space during storage, etc. When choosing a cleaner for children's pools, you should make sure that it has a special mark on it that it is safe for children.

You can clean the pool with ultraviolet light. This method is classified as safe for humans. Ultraviolet light disinfects perfectly, so the appearance of algae in the water is unlikely. The process of water purification takes place by irradiating water with UV rays. But it should be borne in mind that some types of microorganisms do not die from ultraviolet radiation, but go into a kind of hibernation. 3-5 days after disinfection, they come to their senses and begin to multiply even more intensively.

How often should the pool be cleaned

Some experts recommend cleaning the pool once every one and a half to two weeks. However, for children's bathing areas, it is better to clean and disinfect more often. Especially if the kid loves to splash not alone, but with friends. You can use disinfectants just once a week, in addition, you need to change filters on time. But you can remove dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner once every 2-3 days. It is also necessary to monitor the pathological changes in the water. For example, if you see that it turns green, this is a signal for urgent cleaning.

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