How To Find Out The Index Of The Place Of Residence

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How To Find Out The Index Of The Place Of Residence
How To Find Out The Index Of The Place Of Residence

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Despite the fact that the exchange of paper letters today has already largely replaced e-mail, people sometimes still have to provide their zip code, for example, when filling out official documents. There are several ways to find it out.

How to find out the index of the place of residence
How to find out the index of the place of residence

A postal code is a special code that identifies the post office where you live. It is machine-readable: thus, the presence of a postcode on letters, postcards, parcels and other items significantly speeds up the process of sending them to the desired address.

Getting postcode information from the post office

The most obvious way to find out your zip code by place of residence is to visit the nearest post office: you must have seen the entrance marked with a blue and white sign "Russian Post" while walking around your neighborhood or rushing to buy groceries. The index of this post office will already be written on the doors, however, if you are not sure that you have correctly identified the necessary numbers, contact any branch operator: he will provide you with the required information.

This method is simple and reliable, but it has significant drawbacks: firstly, you will need to spend time visiting the post office, and secondly, if you decide to clarify the necessary information with the operator, you need to visit this institution during its opening hours … This may not always be convenient. However, there is another way to find out your postal code.

Retrieving Index Information over the Internet

It's about getting the information you need over the Internet. By typing in the search box of any intended for this system the query "Zip code", you will receive links to a large number of sites containing the necessary information. However, the most reliable way to find out the index online is to check this information directly on the Russian Post website.

In order to carry out such a check, it is enough to go to the section "Search for post offices". You can get into it from the main page of the site: on the left, under the Russian Post logo, you will see an orange “Services” bar: select the “Advanced search” link under it, which will allow you to find the required post office.

By clicking on the link, you can find information about your department, including its zip code. To do this, you need to select the option "Search by address" and enter the address of your place of residence in the search bar, and then click the "Find" button below. As a result, you will see full information about your department: a 6-digit combination, which will be your local zip code, address and telephone number, where you can get additional information if you need it.

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