How To Make A Magazine Cover

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How To Make A Magazine Cover
How To Make A Magazine Cover

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Fame and popularity are the things that have always attracted many people. To get into a newspaper or magazine means to get a certain fame at some point. Perhaps the whole world will know about you, and perhaps only the inhabitants of your city - it will be nice all the same. But if such an opportunity does not appear, you can dream and make a fake magazine cover with the image of your beloved on it.

How to make a magazine cover
How to make a magazine cover


  • - access to the Internet
  • - cover photo (yours or someone else's)


Step 1

Find a suitable cover photo. Its minimum size should be from 500-600 pixels wide and 700-800 pixels high, respectively. You can take a photo from your archive, take it with a digital camera, mobile phone or webcam. You can edit it using special programs such as Adobe Photoshop, or using free online analogues:,, and the like.

Step 2

To create the cover itself, also use the online services. The most popular: -; -; -; - and the Russian-language analogue

Step 3

Having chosen the service you like, go to the section for creating covers. The first step is to upload your photo to the site server. Specify the path to it on your hard drive and confirm the download, or provide a URL link to the required photo.

Step 4

If the photo looks the way you want it, move on to choosing the covers. Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue - whatever edition you want, you can use it as a cover. Alternatively, playful covers are used, invented by the authors of the sites, but made in the style of well-known publications. For example, magazine titles such as “Mine4ever” or “Geek power” come across. Select, confirm the changes and admire the cover art created.

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