How The Bewitched Will Behave

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How The Bewitched Will Behave
How The Bewitched Will Behave

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The services of magicians are in good demand, but the most popular of them is the love spell. However, before using it, you need to know the pros and cons of such magical effects, special attention should be paid to the behavior of the bewitched.


Most of the fair sex who order a love spell from a magician do not even know about the consequences to which it can lead. After all, the behavior of a bewitched person changes radically. Undoubtedly, the beloved will fall at the woman's feet, but this will already be a completely different person.

Attitude to the initiator of the love spell

After the ceremony, the person will inflame with feelings for the initiator of the love spell. He will find a reason to come to visit, will wait for the object of his adoration near the gate. Moreover, he will do it for hours, even bad weather will not stop him. A charmed person can show aggression not only towards rivals, but also towards the initiator of the love spell. Subsequently, he usually asks for forgiveness, but such situations will be repeated quite often.

Due to the fact that a love spell paralyzes the will of a person, he will obey the initiator of the ceremony. Often such people simply do not understand what they are doing and often make mistakes that cost dear people. A bewitched person often has mood swings, sometimes he does not remember what he was doing a few hours ago.

The enchanted person seeks to always be with the initiator of the love spell, therefore he tries to please him in everything, fulfilling all requests. He likes to touch the object of his adoration, but after intimacy he feels oppressed, he wants to run away. Since thoughts are constantly confused in his head, he cannot concentrate on one thing. This condition plunges him into depression, which can result in suicide.

Attitude towards other people

Close people instantly notice that a person has changed. After all, he changes his habits overnight. The lover can hit the mother or father if they speak badly about the initiator of the love spell. Moreover, after that he can stop communicating with them. Often a person on whom a love spell has been imposed withdraws into himself, since for him there is only his new object of adoration. For this reason, he loses his taste for life. This is a natural process, since the will is taken away from the bewitched. The initiator of the love spell can do whatever he wants with him, the person will listen to him and live with his mind.

It is not uncommon for the subject to be enchanted to drink. Thus, he leaves the reality, which is incomprehensible to him. Over time, the initiator of the love spell will want to get rid of the downcast person, but it will not be easy to do this, since he will follow on his heels.

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