Where Can You Deposit Old Coins?

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Where Can You Deposit Old Coins?
Where Can You Deposit Old Coins?
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Often, when cleaning at home, you can come across a piggy bank with old coins, but it is not always clear whether you can safely throw them away, or whether it is better to hand over and make a profit. It all depends on what kind of coins you have found.

Where can you deposit old coins?
Where can you deposit old coins?


Step 1

There are now two ways to sell coins. If you have pre-revolutionary coins or early banknotes of the USSR, you can sell them via the Internet, since it is there that there are a huge number of forums and sites where collectors are looking for interesting coins for their collections.

Step 2

To sell coins online, you need to read the rules of the forum, site or auction and register there. At the same time, before registering, you need to pay attention to the restrictions that are imposed on newbie sellers. If everything suits you, after registration, take good pictures or scans of the obverse and reverse of the coins and put them up for auction.

Step 3

To set an adequate price, you need to study the sources on the Internet in detail. Auction archives, specialized sites that describe which coins are worth more than others. Based on this, calculate the price of your coins.

Step 4

By the way, it is important to take into account the cost of postage. Unfortunately, the mail is very often opened and the contents of the parcels are stolen. Usually on forums or websites there are sections dedicated to how you can protect your package from such things. Keep in mind that if the parcel did not reach the addressee, the seller is to blame.

Step 5

Do you distrust the Internet and prefer to see live those to whom you sell your coins? Find the right collectors 'or numismatists' club in your hometown. Here you can sell coins directly or to resellers, but the latter buy coins at a price several times lower than the market average, so before going to the numismatists' club, you still need to study the sources in order to know the minimum permissible sale price.

Step 6

If, after studying the forums, you realized that you do not have a single valuable coin at your disposal, but you still want to get rid of them, try to hand them over to non-ferrous metal collection points.

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