What Is A Muscovite Social Card

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What Is A Muscovite Social Card
What Is A Muscovite Social Card

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Today you can often hear about the high cost of living, about the problems arising in connection with this and the options for their solution. One of such decisions is the assignment of benefits to certain groups of the population of our country. Such groups include, in particular, the disabled, pensioners, WWII veterans, orphans and large families. In Moscow, preferential categories of residents are issued special cards - Muscovite social cards.

What is a Muscovite Social Card
What is a Muscovite Social Card

What is a Muscovite social card?

A Muscovite's social card is a seemingly ordinary plastic card with a chip, but it is fraught with many functions. It replaces the certificate of the beneficiary, can be used as a bank and transport card. Its development was carried out specifically for the convenience of pensioners, who had to keep several documents certifying their preferential terms.

The Social Card is issued on the basis of a written application and a completed application form for the beneficiary.

Who has the right to receive a Muscovite Social Card

The following categories of citizens have the opportunity to receive a Muscovite social card:

- persons who are registered with the social protection authorities (veterans, pensioners, disabled people, children from large families, orphans, combatants);

- pupils;

- students of secondary specialized educational institutions and universities, studying on a full-time basis;

- pregnant women who are registered within twenty weeks;

- women who applied for a lump sum payment no later than 6 months from the date of the child's birth;

- citizens who receive subsidies for utility bills.

Where can I get a Muscovite Social Card

Schoolchildren and university students can get a Muscovite Social Card at special points of issue of the Moscow Metro, sometimes it is possible at the place of study (this should be clarified at the educational institution).

Persons registered with social security can get their card at the place of residence in the department of social security of the population. In the same place, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth can receive a card. Citizens receiving subsidies receive the card at the City Housing Subsidy Center.

Documents required to obtain a Muscovite Social Card

Before you go to get a Muscovite Social Card, you must check and take with you the following documents:

- Russian passport with a Moscow residence permit or a child's birth certificate;

- medical policy;

- insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance.

You may also need additional documents, namely:

- student ticket;

- documents confirming the right to receive social support from the state;

- certificate of registration of pregnant women.

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