Does A Fan Help During The Heat

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Does A Fan Help During The Heat
Does A Fan Help During The Heat

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What can save you from the heat? On the street - a shade of a spreading tree or a fountain, indoors - an air conditioner or a fan. But there is also an older device that helps protect against overheating. It's about a fan. This simple accessory is not only able to provide coolness, but can also be a bright decoration.

Does a fan help during the heat
Does a fan help during the heat

How the fan appeared

The first devices designed to protect against the scorching heat appeared several millennia ago. At first it was a fan made from broad leaves of plants, tree branches or bird feathers. In the drawings depicting the rulers of the Ancient East, you can see special servants with fans.

Servants armed with fans stood behind the throne and with measured movements drove from the faces of noble nobles not only heated air, but also annoying insects.

Apparently, such an adaptation turned out to be very effective, since it spread to many countries with a hot climate. Widespread in China, fans were once brought to Japan as an imperial gift. This item, indispensable in the everyday life of the nobility, resembled a rounded frame equipped with a handle. The frame was usually covered with silk or tissue paper.

Japanese craftsmen have perfected this device. They divided the bamboo trunk into narrow strips, fixing them at one end at a single point. Bamboo sticks were pasted over with paper on both sides. This is how one of the first fans appeared, which became an obligatory attribute of the highest dignitaries. It was convenient to hold it in your hand, fanning your face. Such movements drove away the heat, cooled the skin, prevented the appearance of sweat and brought freshness.

Fan: a lifesaver from the heat

The fan came to Europe in the 16th century through Portuguese merchants. He immediately gained popularity among European ladies, becoming a must-have item. Women immediately appreciated the invention of oriental masters. In hot weather or indoors, the fan helped to get rid of the stuffiness.

The waves of coolness that emanated from the fan created comfort and relieved fatigue.

Over time, the fan has acquired additional useful functions. With the help of this object, secular beauties could convey a whole gamut of feelings and hidden desires. At a ball or at a social reception, it mattered exactly how the lady holds her fan. By the appearance of this accessory, the initiate could determine what place in society its owner occupied, what her intentions were. There were even special courses in which girls were taught manners and methods of handling a fan.

But the main function of the fan still remained the same. By fanning the face and exposed parts of the body with it, it was possible to ensure the flow of coolness and reduce the temperature of the air around the face. To be convinced of the effectiveness of this method, it is enough to take a sheet of paper or a folded newspaper, and then wave them around your face several times. You will immediately feel the cool air currents reaching the skin surface. The reason for this is that when the air mass moves, its temperature decreases noticeably.

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