How To Be Objective

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How To Be Objective
How To Be Objective

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Objective perception of information is not easy. When receiving information, a person focuses on what is similar to his inner beliefs and attitudes. This does not give him the opportunity to perceive the surrounding reality as objectively as possible.

How to be objective
How to be objective

The essence of objectivity

The essence of objectivity is the need to perceive objects, objects or information as they really are, and not as they are presented to the observer. For example, if one person perceives another as agitated, violent and noisy, this does not mean that the second person perceives himself that way, since he may have a number of features that are invisible to an outside observer.

There is an opinion that a person is generally not endowed with the ability to objectively assess, since the perceived information interacts both with the flow of his thoughts and with himself. The combination of these factors influences his assessment in an unconscious way.

What information can be objective?

Only information that does not depend on internal judgments can be objective. For example, the phrase "the car goes fast" carries a purely subjective assessment that depends on perception. For an ordinary car enthusiast, "fast" can mean - 60 kilometers per hour, and for a race car driver - 200 kilometers per hour. But the phrase "the car moves at a speed of 75 kilometers per hour" is objective, since it does not have an individual meaning.

In the 21st century, a person lives in a huge flow of various information. Often it is so contradictory that for its adequate perception it is necessary to take a balanced and, most importantly, objectively all aspects of it. Unfortunately, if a person narrows the perception of information only to his point of view, he will begin to feed the ideas he already have, which will be fundamentally wrong.

How to perceive information objectively?

It should be understood that a person evaluates all the information he receives. This means that completely objective information does not exist. But under an objective consideration of the situation, one can understand its multilateral assessment.

In order to avoid the temptation to perceive information one-sidedly, firstly, you should receive it from as many sources as possible, and secondly, analyze the data obtained and try to find another opinion different from yours.

To make an objective decision based on the information received, you should not do it right away. It would be ideal to wait a few days, give the brain time to reflect, and let the emotions calm down a little, and then re-evaluate the situation with a "fresh" look.

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