What Is Accepted As Recyclable

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What Is Accepted As Recyclable
What Is Accepted As Recyclable

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The current ecological situation in the modern world forces more and more people to think about recycling waste, especially one consisting of hardly decomposable materials. In this regard, a business for the reception of recyclable materials and its processing appeared.

Separate garbage collection
Separate garbage collection

What can be taken for recycling

For many decades, waste paper has been accepted - paper packaging, books, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, office paper. There are many points for receiving glass - bottles, cans, cullet. We also receive scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum cans. There are points where you can drop off your old clothes, textiles, toys and shoes.

The cheap and easy production of plastic has made it one of the most popular materials on Earth: bags, film, containers and bottles for food and drinks, dishes, equipment cases, furniture and much more are made from it. With constantly growing production and consumption volumes, the spread of plastics is rampant. A huge amount of plastic containers are disposable (for example, food is sold in it) and ends up in the trash can immediately after unpacking the goods. To decompose in natural conditions, plastic takes more than one hundred years, while it will also poison the soil. Fortunately, there are points where plastic products are accepted and sent to recycling facilities. There, raw materials are obtained from it in the form of polymer granules, from which plastic products are then again made.

Hazardous waste deserves special attention: batteries, accumulators, mercury lamps and appliances. Recycling is difficult and expensive, so there are far fewer hazardous waste collection points than needed and it is not always possible to find them nearby. However, it is important to collect such waste and recycle it periodically, as it greatly pollutes the environment and is harmful to human health. They are increasingly accepted in large stores and supermarkets.

There are also points where various specific waste is accepted: household appliances, computers and laptops, electronic scrap, car tires, cartridges for office equipment, etc.


To denote the recycling of waste, there are also terms recycling, recycling, recycling of recyclable materials, waste disposal. It involves the reuse of household waste and production waste. Processing can be secondary, tertiary, etc.

In order for raw materials to be suitable for processing, they must meet certain requirements. So, the waste paper should contain the permissible proportion of impurities, which is different for the production of different types of paper. The waste paper to be handed over should not contain other elements besides paper - glued backs of books, polymer fabrics and films, wooden and metal elements. Plastic containers must be free of paper labels, clean, etc.

Therefore, before delivery, recyclable materials should be prepared and sorted so that they can be accepted without problems. You can check the requirements in advance at the reception point.

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