How To Grow Flowers For Sale

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How To Grow Flowers For Sale
How To Grow Flowers For Sale

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Growing flowers for sale is a production that implies a certain stability of conditions. For private floriculture, small greenhouses, greenhouses located on personal plots, attic rooms of their own houses, summer cottages are well suited. In this case, it is important to comply with the technical conditions.

How to grow flowers for sale
How to grow flowers for sale


Step 1

Grow flowers in a greenhouse. This will extend the flowering period. Use warm, heated rooms for growing flower seedlings from seed, or for growing ready-made seedlings. In the spring, lovers of flower beds will be happy to buy seedlings from you. This is a good help for the family budget. Asters, morning glories, marigolds, saffron, petunias are very good buyers.

Step 2

If you decide to arrange a greenhouse in the attic of a private house or summer cottage, strengthen the roof by carefully sealing up the cracks.

Step 3

Choose a sunny side, open a part of the roof above your chosen place, glaze this part. This will increase the flow of sunlight. Use double-glazed windows for this. They will allow you to regulate light, heat, ventilation. Equip double-glazed windows with blinds so that you can protect flowers from the scorching sun rays.

Step 4

Then proceed with the interior equipment of the attic greenhouse. Lay the boxes inside with cellophane, plastic wrap, put them on supports. Provide a drain so that water can drain from the boxes after watering.

Step 5

Place the seedlings in a greenhouse approximately 1 square meter up to 100 daisies, up to 30 violets, or up to 25 daffodils. It is better to start a flower business with unpretentious plants, then you can move on to more complex varieties - roses, tulips.

Step 6

Plant tulip bulbs at the end of February every 5-10 centimeters apart. The greenhouse should be warm and dark for a month. Keep the soil moist. This condition must be met before germination.

Step 7

Open the blinds, windows, maintain the temperature at about 10 degrees during the flower formation period, and when the buds appear, provide access to sunlight.

Step 8

Water and keep tulips from overheating. The ideal temperature at the time of flowering is 15-20 degrees. At the beginning of March, tulips are ready for sale.

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