Where To Take Waste Paper

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Where To Take Waste Paper
Where To Take Waste Paper

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Many can remember the Soviet times, when schoolchildren were engaged in collecting waste paper. It was quite a fun pastime, if you do not take into account that it was very difficult to carry this waste paper from one apartment to another. Also, in exchange for waste paper, rare books were given, which it was not so easy to buy. It got to the point of absurdity - people bought newspapers and magazines, and immediately handed them over to get the coveted volume. But all this is in the past. And what about the collection of waste paper today?

Where to take waste paper
Where to take waste paper

If you are a legal entity

Today, more and more companies are switching to electronic media and getting rid of paper archives. In any case, even if this does not happen, any firm is full of papers, which it would not hurt to get rid of in order to free up space. If you are the owner of a company, then everything is very simple with waste paper - choose a waste paper collection company on the Internet - and they will come to you, take everything away, say thank you and pay a little. (We will talk about how much you can earn on waste paper below). Many firms fear that when the waste paper is handed over, secret documents may be revealed, those that in no case should fall into the hands of competitors. Therefore, companies providing waste paper collection services also offer an additional service - complete destruction of especially important documents.

Returning to the issue of making money from waste paper - of course, if you are a large company, you can make good money. But only if there is actually a lot of used paper. The average price in Moscow at the moment is 1 ruble per 1 kg of waste paper. So count it.

But there may be other motivation than monetary. For example, ecological. Delivery of waste paper helps to preserve forests, trees, and therefore our air that we breathe, and rare species of animals that live in those very forests. Simply put, we help the planet by handing over waste paper. It may sound a little loud, but it is. Here you can play up the situation and make an additional bonus in PR - the company's piggy bank. Like, we hand over waste paper - we are environmentally friendly, we are a modern company that cares about nature. This position is very favorable for business, it allows you to show yourself in the best light. In principle, you may not care about trees and the environment, but if these concepts are important to your client, give him the opportunity to be proud of you and your product. Let him know that you care.

If you are an individual

If you decide to make money by donating your unnecessary magazines, you are unlikely to succeed. In addition, you are unlikely to carry all these piles of unnecessary papers to the collection point. Definitely, you need a car. However, all these difficulties can be blocked by the struggle for the environment and personal convictions. It is personal beliefs that are the only motivation for surrendering waste paper privately. It is not so easy to find stations where waste paper is accepted from individuals, as stations where waste paper is accepted in bulk. The most complete list of these stations - receptions for individuals - is on the Green Peace website. Choose the one closest to your home and go!

Yes, today waste paper collection is very different from Soviet times. Today it is devoid of romance, but it still saves forests and increases self-satisfaction, because collecting waste paper, you really do a good job.

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