Why Start Smoking

Why Start Smoking
Why Start Smoking
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Every smoker has their own memories of what exactly prompted them to light their first cigarette. In most cases, this was a self-made and deliberate decision. So why do people start smoking?

Why start smoking
Why start smoking

According to the latest statistics, today's kids smoke their first cigarette at the age of 10-12. Why so early?

Many factors contribute to children and adolescents trying to smoke. But adults are primarily to blame for the fact that smoking is becoming a childish hobby. After all, it is they who smoke everywhere, teaching a child from an early age to observe smoking and get used to the fact that it is a generally accepted norm.

Adults smoke on the street, in all establishments where smoking is allowed. Adults with cigarettes, cigars, pipes for smoking can be seen in movies, billboards, photographs, concerts. If a child's mom and dad are smoking, it is not surprising that he will take an early interest in this harmful activity. It is important to remember that all adults, and especially their own parents, are role models for the growing person. He wants to quickly adopt all their skills and habits. This is how child psychology works.

That is why one should, from an early age, when the child's personality is just beginning to take shape, tell him about the dangers of smoking. Become a good role model for your little one as a nicotine-dependent person. It will be great if, as far as possible, you start filtering the information that your child receives from TV, the Internet and other sources. Try to make sure that any promotion of smoking avoids the fate of being heard or seen by your little one.

Recently, studies have been conducted that have proven that nicotine addiction is transmitted at the genetic level. For many, it was not surprising why the children of parents who smoke quickly become heavy smokers themselves.

Sometimes children of non-smoking parents start smoking. Most often, the environment in which the child is located is to blame for this. You cannot allow your child to fall into bad company. Some psychologists believe that parents should not interfere with their child's friendships, but this opinion is controversial. Indeed, due to their life experience and acquired wisdom, adults understand people better. And their parental duty is, first of all, to protect their baby from possible troubles.

It happens that children grab a cigarette because they rebel against the authority of teachers, parents, any adults. They want to seem older, and they see a cigarette as a real attribute of adulthood. Some are let down by the "herd instinct", which is expressed in the unwillingness to differ in any way from those around them. Someone with the help of a cigarette is trying to raise their rating among their peers. Often, a girl begins to smoke in order to attract the attention of a boy she likes, especially if he also smokes. One of the most common reasons for smoking is considered to be following the mass stereotype "You should try everything in this life."

I must say that if a person did not start smoking in childhood and adolescence, he can become a smoker at any age. And the reasons for starting smoking at each age are about the same.

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