How To Find The Address Of The Organization

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How To Find The Address Of The Organization
How To Find The Address Of The Organization

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You can find the legal address of any organization if you have its name, you can find other information about it in different sources. Obtaining such data is free of charge for any interested user.

How to find the address of the organization
How to find the address of the organization

You may need to find the address of any organization for a personal visit, sending correspondence, contacting the judicial or supervisory authorities with complaints about this legal entity.

The Federal Tax Service allows anyone to obtain such data through the use of a special service for checking counterparties. You can find the specified service on the official website of this tax authority, for which you need to select the "Electronic Services" section on the main page. In the list that opens, follow the link "Check yourself and the counterparty", after which the user will receive a special form to fill out.

How to fill out the form to find the address of the organization

The search form in the described service is quite simple, it includes only three main fields. In the first two, it is proposed to enter the name of the organization, its individual tax number. If the user does not know the TIN, then you can enter the OGRN in the second field. At the same time, filling in both fields in the form is recommended only for a more accurate search, therefore, if there is a lack of data, you can find the necessary information if there is information for one of them. After entering the information, you will also need to select the region in which the organization is located, dial the verification code and click the "Find" button. After that, the service will display a list of companies that meet these criteria, and the user will be able to select the company he is interested in.

Other ways to find addresses of organizations

In the absence of the possibility of using the tax service, you can use other means to identify the addresses of legal entities. You can get such information free of charge in the help desk, electronic and paper catalog, search engine.

As a rule, to use such methods, you need to know any additional information about the company, since when searching by name, the probability of an error increases (often there are companies with the same name, organizational and legal form).

Finally, if you need to obtain official information, you should contact the territorial tax office directly for an extract from the register. This method assumes the need to pay a state fee, but the applicant receives all information about the organization in an official form, certified by the seal of the state body.

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