Who Has The Fastest Yacht In The World

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Who Has The Fastest Yacht In The World
Who Has The Fastest Yacht In The World

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Real connoisseurs of life and truly exclusive things cannot do without expensive and fast yachts. They compete with each other, arranging a kind of competition for the coolest "toy" - however, the undoubted winner in this rating is WALLY, which has built the world's fastest yacht.

Who has the fastest yacht in the world
Who has the fastest yacht in the world

World record holder

The ultra-modern yacht Wally Power 118 is the fastest vessel in the world, which has not yet found its owner, which is not surprising - after all, the yacht is worth $ 25 million. In addition, she set a world record, reaching speeds of up to 111 kilometers per hour (60 nautical knots). The Wally Power 118 was built at the Wally shipyard in 2003 and has had no competition since then.

Most of the existing yachts cannot reach the similar speed of the Wally Power 118, which is already called the "yachts of the future".

Despite its minimalist design and sleek, streamlined appearance, the world's fastest yacht hides three helicopter gas turbines with a combined power of 16,800 hp. Thanks to the tapered shape of its stern, the Wally Power 118 is able to cut waves with ease even in the roughest waters at speeds in excess of 40 nautical knots. In addition, the yacht is very stable, which allows her to run smoothly through the water without bouncing on the waves.

Fastest yacht capabilities

The hull of the Wally Power 118 is completely noiseless - thanks to the sound insulation, the yacht can sail at high speed, and the passengers will not feel the slightest discomfort. This is made possible by a specially designed hull structure that prevents sounds and vibrations from entering the yacht, even at the highest speeds. At the same time, the length of the Wally Power 118 is 36 meters, the displacement of the yacht is 95 tons, and the number of passengers it can take on board is 12 people.

The cruising range of the ship at 60 knots per hour is 380 nautical miles - so if the ship makes 9 knots per hour, it can cover 1.5 thousand miles in 60 minutes.

The interior of the Wally Power 118 was designed by world renowned designer Karl Pickering, who works for the leading company Lazzarini & Pickering. As a result, the design of the yacht acquired a mixed style, where modernity and functionality, loft, minimalism and hi-tech met. Pickering successfully combined wooden and metal elements, rectangular windows and sharp corners, diluting all this with light shades of the upholstery material.

Wally Power 118 is the winner of the main prize in the Millennium Yacht Design Award. In addition, the fastest yacht in the world has been featured in several mega-popular films in recent years.

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