Beslan: How It Was

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Beslan: How It Was
Beslan: How It Was
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On September 1, 2004, children, parents and teachers who came to the school on the occasion of the beginning of the school year at school # 1 in the city of Beslan were seized by terrorists. More than 1100 people were at school for 2, 5 days. On the third day, explosions thundered, a fire began and a rescue operation began.

Beslan: how it was
Beslan: how it was


Step 1

On September 1, at school №1 in Beslan, due to hot weather, the line was moved to an earlier time - at 9:00. A GAZ-66 and a VAZ-2107 drove up to the building. The terrorists got out of the cars and opened fire, pointing their weapons into the air. They forced more than 1,100 children, their relatives and teachers to enter the school building. Only a few dozen people managed to escape in the first minutes. Among the hostages were hundreds of preschool children - 4 out of 9 kindergartens in the city did not work, and therefore the parents brought the younger children to the lineup with the older ones.

Step 2

The terrorists forced most of the hostages to enter the gym. They sent much fewer people to showers, the gym and the dining room. The capture took place within minutes. The criminals knew every corner of the school perfectly. They forced the residents of Beslan to surrender their cameras, cameras and mobile phones, and then unloaded explosives and weapons from the vehicles.

Step 3

20 people from among the hostages at the request of the terrorists built barricades, blocking the entrance to the school building. Explosives were placed in the premises. In the gymnasium, explosive devices were suspended from basketball hoops and spread out on chairs. The hostages were ordered to use only Russian when speaking. Throughout all three days, the terrorists carried out intimidation actions: they took one of the people from the crowd, threatened to be shot or immediately fired at him.

Step 4

At 10:30 am, an operational headquarters was deployed near the school. By this time, Russian President Vladimir Putin had already been notified of what had happened and urgently flew from Sochi to Moscow to hold a meeting with the security officials. Members of the Beslan operational headquarters evacuated residents of houses located near the school, cordoned off the territory.

Step 5

At 11:05 the first hostage was released from the school. Larisa Mamitova handed over a note from the terrorists, which demanded negotiations with the President of Ingushetia and the President of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Dzasokhov.

Step 6

At about 4:00 pm, shooting began at the school, and an explosion was heard. One of the suicide bombers blew herself up next to the hostages. In that hour, 21 people died. Their bodies were thrown from the second floor. Several people managed to escape during the day - they were able to escape. The hostages, in order to satisfy their hunger, ate the petals from the bouquets brought to the line. They were not given water. I had to wet clothes in garbage cans and then suck the liquid out of the fabric.

Step 7

On September 2, it became known that 354 people were being held hostage (official information on that day). However, the Beslan residents themselves, who survived the terrorist attack, claimed that there were at least a thousand people in the school building. The terrorists found themselves to leave the city along the safe corridor provided to them. Ingushetia President Ruslan Aushev asked the terrorists to take water and food and give it to the hostages. However, the criminals argued that people are starving voluntarily. It was possible to agree only on the release of 24 people - mothers with babies. By evening, the terrorists stopped letting the hostages out to the toilet and bringing them buckets. It was hot in the hall at the same time, the windows were tightly closed.

Step 8

On the third day, most of the hostages felt bad. Those who suffered from diabetes often fainted, many were delirious. The terrorists have changed the location of the explosive chain. On September 3, at 12:40 pm, a car without boards drove up to the school building. Emergency Situations Ministry employees, by prior agreement with the terrorists, took the corpses thrown out of the window on September 1.

Step 9

At 13:05, 2 explosive devices detonated in the gym, due to which the roof partially collapsed. Terrorists began shooting at the rescuers.Taking advantage of the hitch, some of the hostages jumped through windows or ran out through the school doors. The terrorists opened fire on them. 29 people died. The rest were driven into the dining room and the assembly hall. Those who could not move on their own were killed.

Step 10

The rescue operation began at 13:10. Snipers opened fire to kill the terrorists, which distracted the latter. At this time, soldiers of the 58th Army, police officers and residents of Beslan began to evacuate the hostages. There was a shortage of doctors, cars, stretchers and medicines.

Step 11

At 14:51, a fire started in the school's gym, but they started to extinguish it only at 15:20, since before the firefighters did not have a corresponding order. At about 13:50, officers of the engineering troops entered the school building and began to clear the premises. For several hours the terrorists fired, hiding behind the hostages as a human shield. At 15:05, special forces soldiers broke into the building. The elimination of terrorists was completed by midnight.

Step 12

The Beslan terrorist attack claimed the lives of 186 children and 148 adults. More than 400 people were sent to hospitals in Beslan, Vladikavkaz and other cities. The exact number of victims in the terrorist attack is still unknown.

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