What Cigarettes Are Considered Strong

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What Cigarettes Are Considered Strong
What Cigarettes Are Considered Strong

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Heavy smokers choose cigarettes for their strength, since it is this strength that affects the sensation of smoking. The aftertaste directly depends on the strength of cigarettes. It should be noted that light cigarettes affect the human body to the same extent as strong ones.



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There is a common misconception that the strength of cigarettes depends on their thickness, that is, the thinner the cigarette, the weaker. In fact, the thickness of the cigarette only affects the amount of tobacco. The main indicator of strength is the amount of nicotine and tar that enter the body during smoking. Other strength indicators include the ratio of different types of tobacco in the mixture, the presence or absence of aromatic fillers, the density of the filling, the air permeability of the paper, and the type of cigarette filter.

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For the production of cigarettes, mixtures of tobacco of different varieties are used, each of which has its own strength indicators. Mixing reduces the original properties of the tobacco, changing the strength of the cigarettes.

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The use of additional flavors and the low density of the packing of the cigarette sleeve gives the cigarettes a unique smell and taste and reduces the amount of tobacco. This allows manufacturers to make cigarettes lighter. Accordingly, the strongest cigarettes are those that do not use additional additives.

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Cigarette filters can affect strength, depending on the type of construction and materials used. A good filter traps an impressive amount of tar, nicotine, micro-particles of smoke and other harmful substances. Micro-holes, which are located around the filter, improve air permeability, making it difficult for various substances to enter the smoker's body.

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The strength of a cigarette can be determined by examining a cigarette pack. The main color of the packaging indicates the strength of the tobacco products. The darker the pack, the stronger the cigarettes. Black or red packaging indicates a high strength of the product.

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Packs of blue and other shades of it speak of light cigarettes. The lightest products are marked in silver or gray. Extra light cigarettes can be found in packs that are completely white. The presence of green on a cigarette package indicates the presence of menthol flavor.

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All cigarette packs contain information about the amount of nicotine and tar in the smoke of one cigarette; this information is most easily found on the side of the package. These figures can vary from 0.1 to 1 mg of nicotine itself and from 1 to 20 mg of tar, it depends on the specific brand of cigarettes. The lower the specified value, the lighter the cigarettes. It should be borne in mind that products without a filter contain much more nicotine and tar than cigarettes with filters.

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