How To Refute An Examination

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How To Refute An Examination
How To Refute An Examination
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An expert's opinion on the question posed to him often becomes one of the main evidence when considering a case in court, and also plays a decisive role in some legal relations, for example, when a defective product is returned or an insured event occurs. This is why it is important to know how to refute an expert opinion.

How to refute an examination
How to refute an examination


the conclusion of another expert


Step 1

If you disagree with the expert's findings, find another expert in the same area of ​​expertise. It is desirable that in terms of his regalia (titles, publications in authoritative sources, work experience, qualifications, position), he surpasses his colleague.

Step 2

Submit the second expert's opinion, with conclusions that contradict the first, to the court or to another person who deals with your case.

Step 3

Another option: file a petition in court for a re-examination. Make it out in writing, in the text justify the need to satisfy your request.

Step 4

If the conclusion is signed by the wrong expert who made the conclusion, there is no seal, information about the expert institution, about the specialist himself, about the time and place of the examination, as well as other information provided for by law, indicate this to the court. It is better to submit such comments in writing for attachment to the case file.

Step 5

If the expert is a relative of your opponent, has a working or friendly relationship with him, is in any way dependent on him or is an interested person on other grounds, report this to the court. If you have relevant evidence, please provide it.

Step 6

When the consideration of the case on the merits is over, you can write your objections to the expert's opinion when appealing the court decision to a higher instance.

Step 7

If you become aware that an expert has received a bribe for writing an opinion with certain conclusions not in your favor, and there is evidence of this, present it to both the court and the police. When contacting the police, you will need to issue an application.

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