How To Check Uniqueness Using Advego

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How To Check Uniqueness Using Advego
How To Check Uniqueness Using Advego

The Advego Plagiatus program is designed to search for copied sections of text and determine the percentage of unique material. The service was created in 2009 on the Advego content exchange. The application has a user-friendly interface, differs in speed and functionality. Advego Plagiatus is constantly being updated and improved. There is a forum on the exchange where you can ask the developers a question, discuss all the innovations or make your suggestions to improve the service.

Texts must be unique
Texts must be unique


  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Advego Plagiatus program.


Step 1

Download the latest version of Advego Plagiatus from the website of the program manufacturer - Advego content exchange. The distribution kit is available both as an executable file in exe format and in a zip archive. Registration is not required to download, the application is absolutely free and works under any version of Windows.

Step 2

Run the installer of the program. You will be prompted to select the installation language and specify the folder where the application will be installed. You can also check the box "Create a shortcut on the desktop". Confirm your selections and in a few seconds the Advego Plagiatus will be ready for use.

Step 3

Before the first use, the program must be configured. Click on the "Uniqueness Check" button and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. In the "Use proxy" field, you can specify the address of the proxy server. This is done in order to hide your IP and not be blocked by search engines.

Step 4

Set the timeout value in the "Connection" section. Timeout - the time during which the program will wait for a response from the site. The value depends on the speed of your internet connection. For slow connections, it is recommended to increase this value to 50 seconds.

Step 5

In addition, in the "Connection" section, you can enter a limit on the size of the downloaded data. This is useful if the web page being crawled is too large and takes a long time to load. You can cancel the restriction at any time.

Step 6

Check carefully the values ​​given in the Analysis section. Here are the basic settings that affect the accuracy of the test results. Match Threshold Before Completion - stops checking the text when its uniqueness reaches the specified value. To check to the end, you need to enter zero.

Step 7

"Shingle size" is the most important parameter that determines how many consecutive words the program will split your text into to find copied fragments. The smaller the shingle size, the more matches will be found. The recommended value is four.

Step 8

In the value of the parameter "Phrase size" also put four. The fact is that to determine the uniqueness of Advego Plagiatus sends several text fragments enclosed in quotation marks to the search engines. After detecting duplicates, the application checks the found web pages against the text being checked. If you specify a size that is too small, then many pages with matches will be found, and there may not be duplicate text on them.

Step 9

In order not to slow down the program, disable unnecessary search engines. To get the correct test results, you should leave two search engines - Google and Yandex. With their help, a fairly large number of web pages will be checked. If you have an Antigeit or ruCapthca service key, then enter it in the "Decapcher" section. Then you will get rid of the need to enter the captcha manually.

Step 10

Now get familiar with the program interface. At the top of the window is the "Control Panel", which consists of three lines. The first contains buttons with the names of the main functions. By clicking on any of them, you will see a drop-down menu with a choice of possible actions. To speed up the work, the same commands are duplicated by icons on the second line.

Step 11

On the third line, you will see the "Address" field for checking the uniqueness of web pages. The "Ignore domains" field specifies the domains to be excluded. If you leave it blank, then the entered address will be included in the check and the uniqueness will be zero. In addition, when checking the uniqueness of the site, click "Remove tags".

Step 12

Paste the text to be checked into the "Worksheet" that is located under the "Control Panel". Detailed results of the check will be shown in the "Results field" located at the very bottom of the program window. Also, at the end of the verification of your text, a pop-up window will appear, which will reflect the percentage of uniqueness. In addition, non-unique text areas will be highlighted in yellow, and rewritten areas will be highlighted in blue.

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