How To Write A Code

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How To Write A Code
How To Write A Code

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The word "code" in translation from Latin means "book". In the modern world, this term refers to a systematized body of laws relating to one or more industries. Now many commercial firms are striving to draw up their codes, since this allows not only to clearly formulate the goals and mission of the company, but also to conduct personnel policy more competently.

How to write a code
How to write a code


  • - initiative group;
  • - a list of the types of activities that the company is engaged in;
  • - development plan;
  • - job descriptions for different categories of employees.


Step 1

Gather an initiative group. It should include people who are close to you in spirit, adhering to the same value system. Such qualities as initiative and dedication are very important. Explain to them what you want to achieve from the company. This can be expanding the client base, increasing sales, improving the quality of work, etc.

Step 2

Tell your colleagues how you see the main goal of the company. Ask for their opinion. It is possible that someone will suggest other options as well. Remember that the goal should be somewhat higher than the possibilities that the team has now, and also pleasant and understandable to the rest of the employees.

Step 3

Formulate company policy. Make a four-column table. In the first, enter the main activities that your company is engaged in. The second and third are reserved for the advantages and characteristics of each of them. In the fourth, indicate the values ​​that the company adheres to.

Step 4

Make a list of questions. You need to know why and for whom your company is working, how it achieves its goals, what values ​​are accepted in it. This will allow you to clearly define your mission. In the wording of this section, words about making a profit and increasing income should be avoided. In a commercial organization, this goes without saying. The volume of this part can be anything, the mission can be expressed even in one phrase. The main thing is that it expresses the essence of the company's policy as accurately as possible.

Step 5

Define the principles of the company. There shouldn't be many of them. Usually, even in the codes of large corporations, no more than five principles are indicated. Prepare for each of your colleagues to represent them differently from you. Write down all suggestions and vote. In this section, we can talk about responsibility to customers, and about the introduction of modern forms of production or trade, and about the need to provide consumers with quality goods and services. You can include in the list of principles issues of personnel policy, compliance with corporate standards, etc.

Step 6

Write what requirements the employees of the company must meet. This section must include the level of education, qualifications, personal qualities that allow you to achieve maximum performance. This will allow HR managers to be more thoughtful about recruiting.

Step 7

Make a forecast of what the following should lead to. Determine how you can achieve the goals of the company.

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