What Is A Disabled Person

What Is A Disabled Person
What Is A Disabled Person
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So fate has decreed that some are born or become people with disabilities. It is quite difficult for them to adapt to living conditions, to the surrounding society, to their inferiority. But most of them have a much stronger character than ordinary people. And this helps such a population group to practically not stand out from the general mass.

What is a disabled person
What is a disabled person

Disabled people. This is the medical term adopted to refer to people with disabilities. Recently, the term has been used only in the bodies of medical and social expertise.

This category includes those whose diseases or previous injuries lead to the restriction or complete loss of work capacity and self-care. The cause of such conditions can be various somatic diseases, congenital and acquired defects of the musculoskeletal system, injuries and diseases leading to the loss of an organ or anatomical part of the body.

Physical defects are not the only cause of disability. Mental illnesses also lead to disability, although they are somewhat less common.

People with disabilities need a special attitude towards them not only from those around them, but also from the state. That is why they are entitled to various benefits and special living conditions.

Often such special people have talents in various fields of art and technology. And the achievements of athletes with physical disabilities sometimes surpass those of healthy people. History remembers a lot of examples of the life of famous people with disabilities and the heights that they managed to reach.

Everyone knows the heroes of the Patriotic War - pilot Maresyev and fighter Belousov, who were without legs. But this did not stop them from performing heroic deeds in the war. US President Franklin Roosevelt from the age of 28 stopped moving independently due to a serious illness. But this did not prevent him from taking the post of head of state at the age of 39.

People with disabilities can take on various positions, be employed in many fields of activity, and even play in their own theater. This is how the actors of the Theater of the Innocent surprise everyone with their skill.

People with physical or mental disabilities have the opportunity to get education, work and feel like ordinary people. In this they are helped by individual (family) and social rehabilitation. A benevolent and adequate treatment of such people helps them to feel in demand in society. And this is very important in order not to feel like a mistake of nature.

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