What Is A Monograph

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What Is A Monograph
What Is A Monograph

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Writing various research papers is an integral part of scientific activity. One of them, analyzing and summarizing the literature on a general problem, is a monograph.

What is a monograph
What is a monograph

Monograph concept

A monograph is a scientific work published in the form of a voluminous book that is devoted to an in-depth study of one or more related topics. Scientific prose is considered its genre. The author of the monograph summarizes and analyzes the literature on the topics under study, putting forward new theories, hypotheses and concepts that contribute to the development of science. The work usually contains an extensive bibliography, notes, etc.

Sometimes the word "monograph" is interpreted incorrectly, thus naming any scientific work created by one person. As the creators of a scientific work, not only one author can act, but also a whole team. At the same time, the word itself is used to denote a relatively narrow focus of the specificity of the study of problems, the unity of the material presented, but not the writer.

Monograph writing process

The State Standard on Publishing calls a monograph "a scientific or popular science publication, which contains a comprehensive and complete study of a specific topic or problem, and which belongs to one or more authors." Usually, the volume of a monograph is not regulated, since it is the result of scientific creativity, and a work with a volume of more than 120 pages in A4 format, which is written in Times New Roman, fourteenth size and with one and a half spacing, is considered a classic one.

Before publication, the scientific material must be reviewed by specialists in the profile of the monograph with a scientific degree, information about which is indicated in the output. It is best if there are at least two reviewers. In the absence of information about the reviewers in the imprint of the book, it is not considered a scientific work.

Scientists usually end with the publication of a monograph any sufficiently long types of work related to the study of a particular topic with a detailed description of the research methodology, presentation of the results of work and their interpretation. A monograph can also be presented as a dissertation, for example, if you need to defend an academic degree.

This term has a slightly different meaning in library science, where it is used to refer to any non-serial publication that consists of one or more volumes. This is how it differs from serial publications such as magazines or newspapers, which are located separately and are considered mainly unscientific literature.

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