How To Increase Lung Capacity

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How To Increase Lung Capacity
How To Increase Lung Capacity

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An increase in lung volume is necessary for certain diseases, during active sports and for the improvement of all body systems. Lung function can be improved through a series of special exercises, breathing exercises and increased physical activity.

How to increase lung capacity
How to increase lung capacity


Step 1

Give preference to aerobic sports Choose one of the sports that increase lung capacity through regular breathing: swimming (including underwater), running, cycling, strength training, rowing. Exercise regularly and gradually increase the load as you develop your lung capacity.

Step 2

Perform breathing exercises Changes in breathing volume that occur when performing special breathing exercises increases the available functional reserves of the lungs. Deep breaths and prolonged exhalations, holding your breath, changing the rhythm and frequency of lung movements - perform exercises in strict accordance with the recommendations. Start with simple exercises, gradually increase the load and move on to more complex complexes.

Step 3

Inflate balloons, balls, etc. You should train your lungs and increase their volume gradually but regularly. In addition to general physical activity, take a few minutes a day to inflate various objects - balloons, rubber balls, etc.

Step 4

Master the technique of diaphragmatic-costal breathing The main idea of ​​this type of breathing is to increase the volume of the abdomen on inhalation and decrease it on exhalation. Start doing the exercises while lying down - this is how it is better to master the technique. After getting the initial practice, start doing the exercises for training the diaphragmatic-costal breathing while sitting and standing. Control your breathing throughout the day and do a little warm-up workout periodically - a few minutes every 2-3 hours.

Step 5

Do Yoga All types of yoga contain exercises to train the respiratory system, so choose the one that works for you and practice. Performing movements, always control your breathing - this is one of the most important principles of yoga, on the observance of which depends not only the effectiveness of the complexes, but also the functioning of all organs and their systems.

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