How To Choose A Calculator

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How To Choose A Calculator
How To Choose A Calculator

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Today, neither an accountant, nor a student, nor a housewife who needs to calculate daily expenses cannot do without a calculator. There are many models of portable computing devices on the market. To choose the right calculator for you, you need to decide on the requirements for its use, not forgetting about the convenience and functionality.

How to choose a calculator
How to choose a calculator

What is the digit capacity of the calculator?

The bit depth is one of the important parameters on which the cost of the calculator will depend. It is about the number of digits that can fit on the display screen. As a rule, this characteristic is indicated not only in the technical description for the computing device, but also on its case. The most common calculators are those that fit 8, 10 or 12 digits on the display.

Calculators for scientific and engineering calculations can have a higher bit depth and increased functionality.

Calculator Power

Calculators differ from each other by the type of food. The most convenient devices are with dual power supply - from a battery and from a solar cell. Those calculators that supply finger or little finger batteries are larger. If the device is equipped with only a solar cell, it will have a minimum size, but will not be able to work in low light conditions.

Pay attention not only to the type of batteries, but also to where they are located. The convenience of using the device largely depends on the location of the batteries. It's good if the cover of the battery slot is held in place with miniature screws for reliability.

Other characteristics of the computing device

Estimate the size of the calculator you like. If you want a compact model that can easily fit in your clothing pocket or purse, you probably have to sacrifice bit depth. In addition, the miniature calculator is not very easy to use if your eyesight is not the best.

A computer device with medium dimensions and large buttons is more suitable for working at a desk.

Examine the body of the device. It must be tough and firm enough. A calculator that looks weak and flimsy will not last long. A branded device usually has a metal plate with an embossed font located on the back of the case. Typically, this is where the serial number and manufacturer information are located.

A calculator should not only be beautiful, but also functional and easy to use. The latter quality is largely determined by the type of buttons. They are different in size, color and type of material from which they are made. Please note that transparent buttons can cause reflections in bright light. It is best if the symbols on the buttons are cast rather than drawn. Such designations will never be erased, even if you actively use the device.

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