Where To Take Plastic Bottles

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Where To Take Plastic Bottles
Where To Take Plastic Bottles

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In any store, on any shelves - in the dairy section, in drinks - there are bottles, cans, boxes - and everything is made of plastic. And if the boxes can still be adapted for some small things, then the bottles can only be thrown away, which leads to environmental pollution. There is only one way out - to hand over plastic products for recycling.

Where to take plastic bottles
Where to take plastic bottles


Step 1

In both the first and second versions, the bottles are laid out on a special tape with a window. The machine immediately moves them inward. After laying out all the bottles, press the green button. The system for recognizing the cost of bottles by their barcode is immediately triggered. Further, the actions of the machine differ: in the first case, it issues money, and in the second, a check. With this ticket, you need to go to the cashier and get cash in the amount indicated on the check.

Step 2

Containers. They are located in almost all cities. They are small tanks with a slot in the middle, into which unnecessary plastic bottles are pushed. They can also be used as a container for plastic cans.

Step 3

Reception points. These organizations are open in all cities and even villages. Their work profile is completely different. For example, "Vtorosyrye" buys plastic for further processing. Antey-Plast and EcoPolytech companies. They are located in Belarus and are engaged in the processing of plastic and polyethylene bottles, which are accepted from the general population.

Step 4

Organization of self-smelting. A small plastic recycling plant can be set up in the forest using a fire and a can. Bottles are placed in the can. It is installed inside the barbecue, in which the fire is pre-ignited. When melting, the mass must be stirred. Remains from bottles are shaken out and put into bags. The package can be handed over to the recycling plant. The main advantage of this method is that there is no smell or smoke when melting in cans. These factors play an important role in maintaining clean air.

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