How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of A Maniac

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How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of A Maniac
How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of A Maniac

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You need to take care of your safety constantly so that caution becomes a habit. If you know how to act effectively in different life situations, you will be confident in yourself and your strengths. This confidence has nothing to do with the stupidity of a man on a rampage, it is better to avoid trouble than attract them.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a maniac
How to avoid becoming a victim of a maniac


Step 1

A large number of psychologists claim that maniacs feel the psychological weakness of the victim. They have the ability to unconsciously notice all the signs of an insecure person who feels vulnerable. Your behavior should be the same as if you met a dog, that is, you show that you are stronger, smarter and taller than her.

Step 2

Nobody knows how many women were saved by a confident, direct look that says: "I am ready to defend myself, and you will regret that you followed me!" After all, it has long been proven that a person who loves to hurt others cannot stand when they hurt him. The best defense is to avoid the possibility of an attack.

Step 3

Any conversation with the maniac is excluded. An aggressive dog that is trying to gnaw your throat will not be affected by persuasion!

Step 4

Don't be afraid to sound sneaky or funny. If you are waiting for an elevator and a stranger approached you, do not go into the booth, wait another time. This will only be an indicator of your intelligence and inner strength, not cowardice. Speak firmly, without pretense: "You go, I'm waiting for a neighbor." No need to giggle and babble: "Oh, man, I'm afraid of you!"

Step 5

When leaving the house in the evening, always consider how you will return. Do not vote on the street, call a taxi from the house where you were staying or from the store. Do not shorten the road by making your way through wastelands and abandoned groves. Always stick to crowded sidewalks and lighted streets.

Step 6

Do not dress provocatively, do not wear flashy makeup. Mini-skirts, fishnet stockings, deep neckline - all this attracts not only maniacs, but also other inadequate personalities. The same applies to loud laughter, uncivilized speech in the street. Behave strictly and with dignity so that it is clear to everyone that there is someone to intercede for you.

Step 7

If it so happens that you are forced to hitch a ride, before getting into the car, look at the driver and the interior of the car. Do not sit if you notice the lack of a handle on the inside of the passenger door. Call your relatives and tell them the car number.

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