How To Recover In The Army

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How To Recover In The Army
How To Recover In The Army
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A person who has left military service, due to a number of circumstances, may want to return to the army. This is possible, but only under certain conditions and bureaucratic procedures.

How to recover in the army
How to recover in the army


Step 1

Check if you meet the requirements for entering military service under a contract. You must be at least forty years old, and you must not have an outstanding criminal record or prosecution in the form of imprisonment.

Step 2

Come to the military commissariat in which you are registered. If you are removed from the register, due to age or for other reasons, contact the one to which you belong at the place of residence and registration. A complete list of military registration and enlistment offices can be found on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. You must have a passport with you, as well as a military ID or other documents that you have left as proof of service.

Step 3

Write a statement that you wish to enter the military service under the contract. It is drawn up according to the sample that will be given to you on the spot. At the same time, you can indicate as preferred the type of military service in which you are most attracted to. It does not have to be the same as the experience you had in the previous phase of the service. But keep in mind that it is most likely that you will be assigned exactly to the position in which you have experience and knowledge.

Step 4

Go through a medical board. It is carried out in three stages, and the first of them is controlled by specialists from the district military commissariat. A check will be carried out for general health as well as fitness for military service.

Step 5

Upon successful confirmation of your health fitness, check your physical fitness. These tests will test not only general sports, but also special military skills obtained earlier in the service.

Step 6

When approving your candidacy, discuss all the details of the contract and distribution to the unit with the military commissioner. At this stage, before signing the contract, you should once again consider your decision to return to the army. Indeed, according to Russian law, to terminate the contract, you will have to have more compelling reasons than your own desire.

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