How To Pass A Casting To A Modeling Agency

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How To Pass A Casting To A Modeling Agency
How To Pass A Casting To A Modeling Agency

Video: How To Pass A Casting To A Modeling Agency

Video: How To Pass A Casting To A Modeling Agency
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Casting is one of the most important stages in a modeling career. Casting means getting a highly paid and prestigious job. Models know how important it is to look their best when selecting. At the casting, appearance is decisive, but behavior, clothing, and demeanor play an equally important role.

Before casting

On the eve of the casting, you need to sleep well. Clothes, shoes and makeup should be chosen based on the focus of the project. Typically, representatives of the modeling agency will tell you what style to dress in. If such information has not been received, then you can ask yourself what tasks the project will perform. Such interest will draw attention to you and help you earn the first "plus".

In the event that the project has a general focus, you will have to choose the clothes yourself. Wear an outfit that is snug but not provocative. Regular skinny jeans and a tight T-shirt are fine: they will open up your figure and will not cause negative emotions. Makeup should also be chosen neutral: a little powder, a little blush, a light lip gloss. Remember: modeling agencies do not choose your cosmetics, but you. What to "draw" then on your face, they themselves will come up with.

How to behave at a casting

The selection process begins at the very moment when the specialists from the modeling agency pick up the phone in response to your call. On the phone, speak calmly, confidently, and with interest. Your behavior before the start of the event can be crucial, so you should never be late for the selection. If casting doesn't start right away, wait as long as you should, along with other models. Do not try to start a squabble in the lobby: there may well be emissaries of the agency.

Turn off your mobile phone before entering the interview room. You came as a job seeker, and at this moment there can be no more important person for you than your future employer. Talking on the phone during a casting can kill interest in you and negate your chances of being selected.

Answer all questions honestly. Tell us about your aspirations, what you can and want to learn and are ready to do everything in order to take part in the project. If you have work experience, please describe in detail when and in what projects you worked.


Every self-respecting model should have a portfolio in her arsenal - a set of photographs. Photos are the first thing that comes to the table of representatives of a modeling agency, so creating a portfolio should be taken very seriously. If you are planning a career in modeling, contact a professional photographer and book a full photo session.

The portfolio should include several photos. Be sure to take a photo of your serious face: close-up, with a minimum of makeup and hair tied in a ponytail. Also arm yourself with a photo of your smiling face with evening make-up, a full-length image in a swimsuit, a portrait in casual clothes and a photo in an evening dress.

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