How To Display A Product In A Store

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How To Display A Product In A Store
How To Display A Product In A Store

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The showcase is the face of the store. A correctly placed product should attract attention and be remembered. Countertop decoration is an art that designers and merchandisers do. The labor costs of these specialists are paid off within a short period of time by increasing the turnover two to three times.

How to display a product in a store
How to display a product in a store


Step 1

Most of the stores that have huge turnover and big profit margins hire merchandisers and designers. To entrust the layout and design of counters to sellers who do not have special education and experience means losing the store's image and reducing the level of sales, therefore, and profits.

Step 2

The correct layout of the product is aimed at attracting the attention of buyers. The main directions are reduced to a rational decision, what assortment to have, in what quantity and in what order to arrange it, so that all goods, without exception, are in demand and do not stale on store shelves.

Step 3

The main goal of the correct arrangement of goods is to evoke emotions and a positive response in the soul of every potential buyer. The showcase should display what is actually on sale at the moment. If you are selling clothes of a certain type, for example, business suits, the showcase should be decorated with mannequins dressed in this type of product. But for successful trade in a store, you need to have everything that, one way or another, is required for a business suit. You can sell ties, shirts, blouses, handkerchiefs, socks, tights, shoes, accessories. At the same time, the main showcase should clearly embody the corporate style of the store itself.

Step 4

Don't skimp on window lighting. Correctly selected color palette of the background on which the product is displayed and lighting is a guarantee of successful sales.

Step 5

Change the display case layout regularly. Expose new collections, as well as change goods in accordance with the season. Place information about sales in the shop window itself, in the media and on advertising banners.

Step 6

If you are selling grocery products, the display case should be equipped in such a way that the most expensive and least popular goods are placed on the shelves at eye level. On the lower and upper shelves, lay out the goods of everyday demand, for which most buyers come to the store.

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