How To Behave During A Civil War

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How To Behave During A Civil War
How To Behave During A Civil War

Video: How To Behave During A Civil War

Video: How To Behave During A Civil War
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Humanity has already come to the understanding that only the negotiation process can be used to resolve global conflicts, because if modern military technologies are used, there will simply be no winners. But the threats of local conflicts are still quite real. Everyone who lives in such hot spots or in the areas adjacent to them should know how to behave during a civil war.

How to behave during the civil war
How to behave during the civil war


Step 1

At the first signs of a flaring up conflict, try to get women and children, sick and old people out of the dangerous area. Those in the family who can protect themselves will need to stay if you want your home or apartment not to be looted. However, people stay and simply because they have nowhere to go - they were born and raised on this land.

Step 2

Stock up on essentials. You will need medicines, dressings, alcohol disinfectants, antibiotics. Get disinfecting tablets that you can use when there is no tap water and you will have to use the one that you can get from open sources.

Step 3

As the experience of the recent war in the former Yugoslavia shows, many civilians in the cities where the fighting took place died from unsanitary conditions. You will need garbage bags, duct tape, disposable dishes, barrels and containers for storing and transporting water.

Step 4

You need to take care of the sources of energy and light. Stock up on dry alcohol tablets, matches, batteries and flashlights. You need to make a stock of candles. Buy batteries, if you live in a private house, stock up on firewood. Lighters and gas cans for refueling them will not be superfluous. Some things will be needed for the exchange - knives, soap, alcohol.

Step 5

Of course, you should think about food. Buy products that can be stored for a long time and make sure that they are not accessible to rodents during storage. Pour cereals into glass cans, plastic bottles and close them tightly. Buy, while you can, canned meat and fish, several bags of onions, potatoes and carrots. It's good if the house has weapons to protect against looters.

Step 6

Organize evening patrols during hostilities. Have a few armed men walk around the common area, frightening off those who want to profit. Residents of a street or apartment building need to organize a watch and develop a hazard warning system.

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