How To Make Changes To The Letter

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How To Make Changes To The Letter
How To Make Changes To The Letter

In accordance with the current legislation, the enterprise is obliged to inform the territorial tax authority about the changes that have occurred in its structure or constituent documents. In addition, in certain situations, it is necessary to amend the letter of the State Statistics Committee.

How to make changes to the letter
How to make changes to the letter


Step 1

In most cases, the basis for making changes to the information letter of the Goskomstat (Roskomstat) is the change (addition or deletion) of the main and / or additional types of economic activities of the enterprise. It is also required to update the letter in cases where a new head of the enterprise is appointed or the composition of the participants (shareholders) of the company changes.

Step 2

When you change the types of economic activities of the company, you will definitely need a document confirming the changes made to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Fill out the application form according to the established template, notarize it. Submit the documents to the territorial tax authority and receive a certificate of amendment and an extract from the state register.

Step 3

Take a photocopy of the certificate received and contact the statistical authorities, having a fresh extract with you. After checking the data with the information from the extract, you will be given a new information letter from Goskomstat (Roskomstat). A copy of the certificate will remain in the statistical office, the extract will be returned to you. If there has been a change of head or a change in the membership of a limited liability company, the procedure will be approximately the same.

Step 4

In the event that the organizational and legal form of your enterprise is a joint-stock company, the documents submitted for making changes to the letter of the State Statistics Committee are different. If the shareholders are not named in the charter of the company, therefore, no changes are made to the constituent documents, and the tax authority need not be notified. In such a situation, you need to submit to the statistics authorities an extract from the shareholders' journal.

Step 5

Such a journal can be maintained either by a third-party company, or your company will do it independently. The extract from the journal must contain information about the shares themselves (quantity, par value, form and date of issue, and so on), as well as data on the number of shareholders, their list of names with passport data, registration address and the number of shares owned by each shareholder …

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