What Is Evolution

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What Is Evolution
What Is Evolution

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Video: What Is Evolution
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Evolution is a process that is the area of study of a huge number of scientists and is of interest to ordinary people, regardless of their age, nationality and religion. Evolutionary processes have been and are always happening, for everything that grows and develops lives.

What is evolution
What is evolution


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Evolution, translated from Latin, means deployment. This is a natural process of transformation of a particular system in the Universe. The successive stages of the planet's development from the Big Bang to the existing human civilization reflect different directions of evolution. This is how astrophysical, cosmological, chemical, geological, biological and social evolution take place.

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All evolutionary theories are designed to explain the origin, change, adaptation or termination of the processes of existence of living forms and phenomena. At the same time, their coexistence on the planet is considered, as well as each life form or event separately.

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Simply put, evolution is the process of development of any phenomenon. According to this theory, man and all existing species of plants and animals occurred naturally as a result of complex processes of transformation of both the planet itself and the emerging life forms. The development of any phenomenon or life form is influenced by a huge number of factors that modern science may not even guess about.

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Biological evolution is a natural process of development of living nature, which can be accompanied by various changes in the genetic nature in populations, the formation of adaptation processes, the formation of new species and the extinction of existing ones.

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At the moment, there are several evolutionary theories trying to explain the mechanisms on which evolutionary processes are based. The synthetic theory of evolution, developed on the basis of Darwin's theory, for example, makes it possible to explain the evolutionary relationship between genes and natural selection. So, within the framework of this theory, evolution is the process of changing hereditary traits in populations of organisms over a period of time longer than the average life span of one generation.

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Man is also constantly evolving. It is believed that he is a biosocial being. Being inextricably linked with all manifestations of nature, it develops in society, actively influencing the multifaceted process of evolution, affecting, in fact, all existing phenomena.

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