How To Survive After An Atomic Explosion

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How To Survive After An Atomic Explosion
How To Survive After An Atomic Explosion

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Did you survive a nuclear explosion? Didn't hit the epicenter and weren't caught by the shock wave and light radiation? So your guardian angel loves you very much. Now, so that his work is not wasted, it is necessary not to panic, turn on the brain and try to act rationally.

Nuclear explosion
Nuclear explosion


Step 1

If you are a pragmatist who has equipped in advance and equipped a specially built shelter for yourself and your loved ones in compliance with the necessary technologies: deep enough, with water, food, medicines, a closed life support system and a battery-powered radio, it is better not to surface in the next couple of months or even longer. get up.

Step 2

If you are the lucky one who managed to find a special shelter by chance, wait for the first - the strongest wave of radiation to subside, then the second and, then, the radioactive rain will pass several times. If your bunker is able to shelter you for more than a few days or months, that's very good. In any case, with the help of the radio you will be able to soberly assess the situation above and then decide whether you and your loved ones get out of the affected area immediately or wait.

Step 3

If during the explosion you find yourself in an ordinary basement, the main thing here is to keep your mind and calmness in order to act clearly and consistently. It is important to immediately prevent panic that may arise in those who are nearby. With the help of improvised means, it is necessary to clog all the cracks and doors - preferably with iron sheets, and in no case leave the basement in the next two or three days. Nothing will save you from radiation anyway, but at least you will protect yourself from radioactive dust and rain.

Step 4

Who knows if you and your fellow misfortunes have managed to bring at least some food and water with you? It is necessary to find out immediately so that everyone has a chance to hold out. No one will survive alone in such an environment, and this should be calmly explained to others. Store water and food in one place, handing it out several times a day in small, even portions.

Step 5

On the first day, it is advisable not to eat or drink anything at all in order to minimize the waste of your own life. By the way, the place for sending them must also be determined immediately.

Step 6

So, you survived, sat in the shelter, understood on the radio what was happening on the surface, and how the authorities were planning to save the population. Now you have to get out of the affected area. The first and foremost advice is not to go against the wind. The wind should always be in the back. Cover your face to avoid inhaling dust. This will not save you from radiation, but the lungs will suffer less.

Step 7

You will also be helped to survive: documents, unforgotten houses - if you find yourself without them, it is not a fact that having survived the explosion, you will survive the very nervous military, who will undoubtedly check everyone who tries to get out of the affected area; a small supply of food in an airtight package, clothes with long sleeves and a hood, gloves, a respirator, or even better a gas mask, goggles, rubber boots. By the way, after getting out of the affected area, when you take it all off, try not to even touch your own clothes with your bare hands and skin.

Step 8

Try not to touch your bare skin on anything - even the ground. It is necessary to leave the affected area for at least three to five kilometers.

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