How To Remove An Eyelash From An Eye

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How To Remove An Eyelash From An Eye
How To Remove An Eyelash From An Eye

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An eyelash caught in the eye can give you many unpleasant minutes. It is not worth waiting for it to leave the eye itself. But it is not necessary to contact an ophthalmologist - a thin hair will not bring tangible harm to the mucous membrane. Arm yourself with a mirror and remove it yourself.

How to remove an eyelash from an eye
How to remove an eyelash from an eye


  • - mirror;
  • - packing paper napkins or a clean handkerchief;
  • - artificial tear;
  • - a glass for washing the eyes.


Step 1

Wash your hands before removing a foreign body. Choose a location with good lighting and examine the eye in the mirror. Perhaps the fallen eyelash has not yet hit the mucous membrane. It can be gently removed with your fingers or the corner of a clean handkerchief.

Step 2

If, on a superficial examination, the eyelash is not found, it is possible that it is in the water for the eyelid. Gently twist the lower eyelid. Arm yourself with a clean handkerchief or paper napkin. Roll up the scarf and bring the corner of it to the dropped eyelash. Damp hair will stick to dry fabric. Take it out.

Step 3

If you wear contact lenses, your eyelash can stick to them. Remove the lens, inspect it. Once you find an eyelash, remove it, rinse the lens with disinfectant solution and insert it back. If there is nothing on the lens, place it in a container with a solution and carefully examine the eye - it is possible that the eyelash remains on the mucous membrane.

Step 4

Do you see a hair on the mucous membrane of the eye? Do not try to remove it right away, but rather try to move it to the edge of the eyelid in a natural way. Close your eye and lightly massage your eyelid with your fingers towards the nose. Open your eye and remove the lash with the corner of a handkerchief or napkin.

Step 5

It is much more difficult when a foreign body gets under the upper eyelid. Blink - perhaps the hair will fall below and it can be removed.

Step 6

If all the manipulations do not help, try rinsing your eye. Fill a glass or a small glass of clean drinking water to the brim. Place the glass on your face so that the eye is completely submerged in water. Open and close it several times. The eyelash will be washed off with water. Instead of regular water to rinse the eye, you can use a saline solution from a pharmacy or a special liquid for contact lenses.

Step 7

If the removal procedure is delayed, the eye may be irritated. Calm him down by placing an artificial tear under his eyelid. After a while, the redness and discomfort will disappear.

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