Opal: Appearance, Characteristics, Magical Properties

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Opal: Appearance, Characteristics, Magical Properties
Opal: Appearance, Characteristics, Magical Properties

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Opal is a stone surrounded by a myriad of legends and prejudices. This unusual, eye-catching mineral can be a great amulet or decoration.

Opal: appearance, characteristics, magical properties
Opal: appearance, characteristics, magical properties


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Opal is found in the form of earthy and continuous accumulations, kidney-shaped incrustations and dense masses that resemble glass in appearance. Opal very often replaces other organic matter, for example, in fossil shells or trees. Opal can be found in volcanic areas and is formed when rocks are soaked in hot water solutions. In jewelry, noble opals are used, which differ from the usual ones by the iridescent play of color or opalescence.

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This stone has amazing properties. Despite the variety of shades, and this mineral can be black, white, bright blue, pale blue, red, pink or even fiery red, it is simply impossible to confuse it with another stone. The main color of the stone is diluted by blotches of bright shades and colors. Opal shimmers in the light and changes every second.

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The influence of opal on the worldview and character of the owner is very ambiguous. In the east, opal was highly valued, endowed with wonderful qualities, passed down from generation to generation. Opals were set in gold and worn on the index fingers. It was believed that opal can protect its owner from epidemics, danger, evil eye and lightning.

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In medieval Europe, opal, on the other hand, was endowed with ominous and dark magical properties. It was believed that this stone can drive a person crazy, bring him to a breakdown or even to suicide. Therefore, opals were worn by people with a strong will, a strong character, generally indifferent to prejudices.

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Currently, the opal's magic halo has faded. Many people are not even aware of the existence of such a stone. Opal jewelry cannot be found in most jewelry stores. But some master jewelers still make wonderful talismans and jewelry using opals. You can find their creations at all kinds of sales exhibitions and fairs.

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Opal is an ideal talisman for people of creative professions. He helps to unleash talent for poets, artists, musicians and even journalists. It gives strength, confidence, allows you to concentrate on your business. It is advisable to wear this stone as close to the body as possible, so that it touches the surface of the skin, so the effect of wearing it increases many times over.

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Please note that opal is a very fragile mineral. It can crack or split at the slightest impact. From time to time he needs to arrange "bath days", putting him in cool, unboiled water for several hours, this will allow him not to lose his unique color.

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