How To Ask For A Discount

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How To Ask For A Discount
How To Ask For A Discount
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Saving is an art that has been prized for a long time. The ability to save money correctly and wisely will help keep your budget and health. To do this, it is not necessary to put yourself and your family on bread and water. It is quite profitable to purchase goods and services with the help of, among other things, discounts.

How to ask for a discount
How to ask for a discount


Step 1

A discount is a certain amount that the seller or service provider is willing to subtract from the original cost of the product. It can be achieved in different ways and ways. It is necessary to consider not only the purchase, but also the place where you purchase it.

Step 2

Markets, street shops, small shops - these are the places where you can always get a discount. Here the seller, more often than not, is also the owner. He knows very well about his finances and is able to appreciate the benefits that he will receive if he provides you with a discount. But it is worthwhile to understand that a fabulous price reduction occurs extremely rarely, since the merchant needs to make a profit on the product.

Step 3

If the purchase is made in large stores, then you need to apply for a discount to the manager. Sellers and cashiers are not entitled to reduce prices and the only thing they can do is tell about current promotions and offers. In addition, the larger the product and its quantity, the higher the possible discount. However, it is worth considering that in such stores the chance of getting it is small.

Step 4

Private services are another opportunity to save money. Tutors, nannies, housekeepers are people who are their own bosses. Therefore, they are ready to make many concessions in order to get the next client. This means that the discount can be impressive.

Step 5

Compare the prices of the item in different stores before making a purchase. If the seller sees that the buyer is savvy and can go to a competitor, then he is most likely to make a discount. You can, of course, say without comparison that the price in another store is cheaper, but there is a risk of inadequately lowering it.

Step 6

Don't be shy. Bargaining and asking for a discount are completely normal and there is nothing to be ashamed about. It's not scary if they refuse you - you still won't lose anything. In addition, the ability to bargain shows your respect for your own funds.

Step 7

Don't be rude. Any salesperson is a person who can get tired. He does not like impudent people, therefore, most likely, he will give a discount to a polite person, rather than another brawler. Also, take your time to get a discount. It is important to let the seller understand that you are interested in the product, but have not decided on its purchase.

Step 8

The seller may not want to give you a discount the first time. Do not stop insisting on your own. But if it becomes obvious that you will not see discounts, feel free to turn around and leave. This step will make it clear that the demand for his services is falling. And next time the probability of a price decrease will be higher.

Step 9

The discount does not have to be in cash. If you buy household appliances, furniture or other bulky goods - ask for free shipping and installation. If you purchase complex things, then you can try to bargain for special accessories and consumables.

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