What Is Coated Paper

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What Is Coated Paper
What Is Coated Paper

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Coated paper is a type of printing material that is most often used for printing colorful catalogs, glossy publications, advertising brochures or book products. The main distinguishing feature of such paper is its very smooth surface.

Coated paper
Coated paper

Coated paper production

Coated paper is made from the same components as conventional paper. As a rule, this process consists of three stages. First, cellulose and water are mixed in a separate container in certain proportions, then the mixture is poured onto special rotating webs, where by pressing it turns into sheets of paper.

For the production of coated paper, a solution resembling glue is used. This substance is added at the initial stage of the preparation of the mixture or already dried sheets are glued with it. The more layers of sizing are applied to the surface of the paper, the smoother it becomes.

Calendering the coated paper is the final stage, in which the sheets are processed using huge rollers. Depending on the type, the surface of the paper takes on a matte, semi-matte or glossy effect. A separate type of coated paper is coated cardboard. Such material is most often used for the manufacture of book covers or high quality printing products. The most common use for coated board is in photo printing.

In size, coated paper can be sheet or roll. In the form of rolls, the material is supplied, as a rule, to publishing houses or paper mills. Sheet paper is sealed in special packaging and is used mainly in offset printing.

The main types of coated paper

Coated paper is produced in several types. According to the thickness of the sheet, it is divided into three types - light, medium and high density. In the first case, the sheets are coated with an adhesive solution only once, in the second - twice, in the third - three times.

Coating can be done on one or both sides of the sheet. Double-sided coating is a rather expensive process, so this material is used only for the manufacture of the highest quality and most expensive printed matter.

Basic properties of coated paper

The main advantages of coated paper are opacity, increased strength, whiteness and increased resistance to moisture. Pay special attention to the fact that such material is not very profitable for printing at home. Coated paper absorbs several times more ink and is intended only for professional technology. Using conventional printers can result in smudged images and text.

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