How To Draw A Block Diagram

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How To Draw A Block Diagram
How To Draw A Block Diagram

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Structural diagram is a graphical display of a systematic approach and analysis in various areas of human activity. It should display the main functional parts of the considered mechanism, product, organization, describe their purpose and determine the relationship. When opening, for example, a new enterprise, you first need to draw a structural diagram that will reflect the tasks solved by each department and determine the order of interaction between them.

How to draw a block diagram
How to draw a block diagram


Step 1

Think over which departments are necessary for the normal functioning of the enterprise. Regardless of the type of economic activity, in addition to the head, it is necessary to separately highlight the structures that will deal with accounting, work with personnel, and legal support.

Step 2

In accordance with the specifics of the enterprise, think over what other departments are needed. If the enterprise is industrial, then its structure should include a supply department, a production department, a logistics, marketing, advertising, warehouse, etc. The composition of departments should take into account all those functions that will ensure a normal and uninterrupted production process. Each subdivision in a graphical form on the diagram, represent in the form of a rectangle.

Step 3

Determine the hierarchical subordination of each department and department. Arrange them on the structural diagram in the form of a pyramid. It is based on profit-making production departments and costly departments that ensure the normal and smooth functioning of production workers. Consider horizontal relationships between these departments. Reproduce the production chain from the moment of receipt of raw materials and materials to the moment of shipment of manufactured products from the warehouse. Show relationships in the diagram as arrows.

Step 4

The top of the pyramid is the management of the enterprise, which closely interacts with the management apparatus. The director's orders are transmitted through this apparatus - this is called vertical communications. They reflect the passage of control signals from the management of the enterprise through the middle management to the immediate performers. Use the vertical arrows to show on the diagram how and through which structures of the management apparatus these guidelines will flow to the base of the production pyramid.

Step 5

When the block diagram is ready, design it in any graphical editor. You can draw this diagram even in Word using graphic mode.

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