How Postcards Are Made

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How Postcards Are Made
How Postcards Are Made

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It's hard to imagine New Year and other holidays without greeting cards. They can also be specific, invitational and informational. Before the postcard is born, an interesting production process takes place.

How postcards are made
How postcards are made


Step 1

When you create a greeting card, you first come up with a design and congratulations, often in verse. The most suitable finish for this postcard is invented. A designer who is proficient in prepress and printing technologies prepares the original of the postcard for replication.

Step 2

In fact, a postcard is one-sided or two-sided printed matter. Printing is usually carried out offset or digital on thick paper, thin cardboard. Specially for printing postcards, grades of paper with a certain weight have been created. First, printing is carried out on sheets of large format, which are then cut into several copies of the postcard. If necessary, the corners are trimmed.

Step 3

Modern technologies make it possible to produce complex printed products with an original finish, which gives it a unique look. There are several finishing methods: embossing, cutting, lamination, hot stamping, varnishing. Punching or nibbling is used to form the curly outline of a postcard. Embossing makes printed products more effective, for example, foil stamping is used for gloss. Varnishing makes the card more attractive. The print can be covered with regular or glitter (with glitter) varnish completely or selectively.

Step 4

A special kind of postcards - stereo images with a volume effect. They are made using lenticular printing technology on special machines in large format, several images on one sheet, then cut.

Step 5

Then additional decoration is done in the form of glued bows, etc., if provided.

Step 6

Modern postcards are printed on production equipment using persistent, bright colors that do not fade or rub off. In exceptional cases, postcards are printed on woven fabrics, wood, plastic or metal.

Step 7

Hand-made postcards are becoming more and more popular. It can be a drawn postcard, applique, scrapbooking using various materials. Postcards can even be printed gingerbread.

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